Thanks for the kind thoughts.... a scan in January & a follow up consultation are the result today and either "just heavy periods" or fibroids was the decision that the very nice lady doctor came to. So, roll on January, and only 2 periods to go before then. And after that, the most likely result is a coil or hormones. I'd just be glad to get them done now.


  1. Oh my darling, I really hope that there is something for you that will work and not make you feel worse or like a total zombie!
    Everything crossed!

    Cherry xx

  2. Still not fun, but I'm glad you have something like an answer now!

  3. You poor thing, I really feel for you, having problem periods is the worst! Btw I have a coil for medical reasons so if you want to know anything about it from a personal experience rather than the medical blurb they give you then just let me know. Will be holding good thoughts for you!

  4. Oh my, I hope that is all sorted soon.

  5. Hi Jo, I'm so pleased your appointment went okay. Bad periods are horrible but at least it was nothing more sinister. Now keep your fingers crossed for my hospital appointment tomorrow after a mammogram last week. Susan xx


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