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Jeg laerer Dansk....

I am learning Danish. This is not a sensible thing to do. I have no plans to visit Denmark this year or next (but at some future time) and I know nobody Danish at all. AT ALL.

Except, I feel I know...

Those jumpers!!

The eternal life-work-fancy bit on the side triangle!! (my fancy bit is a bar of chocolate!)

The mind palace; and that eternal regret that I can't act in my mother tongue let alone another one!

Then I read this book; Fluent in Three Months. OK, I'm half way through it really, but I get the total immersion idea. The live the culture to learn the language and spend hours a day doing flashcards and learning the sentences. Hej! Hvordan går det? Hyggeligt at se dig!

But I have a mission. I am getting a box set for my birthday. No, not Breaking Bad, although I want to watch that too; but Birgitte, her of the sharp suits and the power play in consensus politics. Yep, Borgen is mine in 2 short months. And I want to be able to truthfully say, "Turn the volume up, I ca…

I kneely had a nasty accident.

Friday 7th March I had a fall in school and landed badly on my left knee. I'm funny about knees anyway. Watching football when any player gets taken out at the knees or ankles makes my stomach flip. And boy did this hurt.

Worst of all I was in a classroom at school when all the children were there. I cried, it hurt that badly, and the year 3 were very concerned. I knew as I sat on the floor that this was not 'just a fall and I'll get a bruise tomorrow'. It was such a funny feeling. I had to get a lift home and send Mr Angel Jem to school to retrieve my car.

I have damaged the ligaments in my left knee. For a weekend I lay down, elevated, iced and painkillered to within an inch of my life. Of course I went in to school on Monday; I can't sit on the smallest chairs yet but my job involves a lot of sitting and thinking or ringing or paperworking so there was plenty I could do.
It's a lot better now, but I still can't lean on the knee, or use it too much and if…