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I am watching Age of Ultron and writing my to do list

There are films that you can just watch and watch and watch. This is one of those, as is Guardians of the Galaxy. If my comic book heroes are right, then there should be a cross over Infinity Wars movie around 2018. Looking forward to it.
My comic book heroes have both been in the wars recently. Between A levels and GCSEs we have had a tense few months. Made tenser by a couple of good results being tempered by a couple of rogue results. It's all worked out in the end, though.
This hero 
scored an A in his English A level, while managing to get a U for Religious Studies. Seriously, DP? It's not like we didn't take you to church every weeks for most of your formative years.... We asked for a re-mark and it was still a U. Either he will end up as the Pope, or more likely he'll start a cult and make a shed load of money. The results weren't important except to decide which University he went to. ABB and he was off to Liverpool, anything else and it was Salford. We wer…

So, farewell to Rio....

Has anybody else been addicted to the Olympics? I remember when I was a student and the Olympics were in Seoul that I adjusted my body clock and got up to watch the events I most liked. Back then I loved the Decathlon (Daley Thompson <3), the showjumping and the 1,500m. I don't remember being as enamoured of the cycling, the Triathlon and the shooting. I watched what was on BBC and made do with just a shout out for events that, in all honesty, would be the ones I'd love to take part in like the pistol shooting or air rifle. And the trap shooting I love now!

But then, thinking back, the coverage wasn't as wall to wall and available as it now is. This time if I had a random event that I fastened onto and wanted to watch, the BBC sport app made that possible. Trap shooting? No probs; you could watch Tim Kneale (how I love that we share a surname!) slog it out with Steven Scott online, or watch the highlights on your phone, or any one of a dozen ways to find out how we were…

A Sunny Day in Liverpool

I hope you are all having a lovely day today? Somehow when the sun shines everything feels a little bit better. The warmth of the sun isn't the hot, burning heat of June or July. I swear I can feel a breath of Autumn coming on, even though today is supposed to be the hottest day this week.
At the very least, I got my copy of September's Country Homes and Interiors last week and I've been luxuriating in the colours and patterns of the season. I'm looking forward to apple pies, a proper stew when the weather grows colder and the smell of decaying leaves when they start to fall.

Last year at around this time I was busy making my Autumn Ripple blanket, as you can read if you click on its name. I still love all the colours I used, and how they worked together. It sits with my pile of blankets in the corner at home and when the nip in the air moves in and before we turn on the heating it will be my knee warmer of choice.

And I made a cushion to match as I told you in this We…

And I'm back in the room.

Where do the days go? Forget the days... the weeks fly by and before I know it, I've missed months of blogging and I'm reading and playing catch up on all your posts and drowned in a sea of bloggy friendship misses.

I'm back in the room and (hopefully) here for a loooooooong while. When did I last post? Oh my goodness, June 5th!!! 2 months ago! I was still working at school and still looking ahead to finishing and I haven't told you everything that is happening in my life and oh my goodness it has been fun and... stop!

Go and get a cuppa. This might take some time.

So, my life at the moment. I am working with this man (just kidding!) who is just the best husband a gal could have. He's training me up into the dark side of the force and showing me how to manipulate people (well, insurance companies at least) to pay out for injuries.

This is where I work. It's an office, and there's not a lot you can do to make an office different except to be Google when Diff…