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Frugal or thoughtful?

I draw for fun and craft for pleasure and my poor relatives bear the brunt of my creations.  This is the card I have drawn for a 16 year old niece's birthday.  It costs me nothing but time and talent.  Is this just penny pinching or a justified act of creation made with love? And is it my mindset or hers that matters?  Is a handmade gift lovingly given rendered meaningless if the recipient sees it as second best? 
 And as I plan a created Christmas (yes crafters have to start Christmas in August:sorry x) should I proceed secure in the knowledge that the value of my gifts lies in my value of them rather than the value bestowed by the recipient?  Perhaps I should stick up my Mary Engelbreit poster that reads "Say it loud; I'm an artist and I'm proud! "



When in Germany. ..

Do as the Germans do.
Meat and cheese for breakfast,  presented so nicely.  Yum!

A Little Piece of Quiet

To look,

 to breathe,

 to read,

 to think,

 to pray.


Literary Heroes. The Vyne has a display on about a ring with writing on that might have inspired Tolkien. I just loved the hat and ears that meant we could dress up for a little while as some of our favourite heroes from literature.
 Historic heroes. Winchester holds a special place in history as Alfred the Great's capital city. They honoured him in 1901 with a massive statue in the middle of town.  Having watched Michael Wood (another historical hero of mine!) and his fantastic series shown recently, I knew we had to go and see Winchester just to walk in the footsteps of Alf.

Legendary Heroes. The round table is alive and well and hanging on a wall in Winchester's Great Hall. Entry to the hall is free, which I love since it means that people can enjoy the romance of Arthur and his fair damosel whose father legendarily gave him the table without it costing a fortune!  And also enjoy the information freely given by the really rather nice guides that the table was repainted for H…

Noise, noise, noise

Sometimes noise can make or break a holiday. Staying in a busy city where the noise never stops is hell to some people, heaven to others. It's a subjective viewpoint. Family holidays rely on noise to entertain or excite children. At Buckler's Hard there was a button to press which played 'Hearts of Oak' over and over and over again.... Children can't resist a button. And rope to make a bowline with.  Nature can be noisy too. Nothing more so than a gang of ducks (gaggle? No that's geese. Not herd? Group? Pancake? Or orangery?)
 But for real noise it has to be man made. And this was the loudest noise I heard all holiday. They didn't ask me to drive, though. Shame.
 I did drive the go karts at Beaulieu, though. Only once, before deciding that I needed to have photos to capture the day. And they were noisy.
 Especially when you could hear the drivers laughing!

Photos can be misleading. This quiet shot of a girl and a statue was in the middle of a busy street, …

Granny Squares nearly done....

About 2 years ago I bought a range of colours to make a granny stripe blanket and figured it would keep me occupied over the winter.

Well, it came and went and my stripe blanket got no further than 10 rows at most that year, left in the basket at the side of the room. Desolate and unloved.

Last year (Winter) I got them out and looked at them and decided that a stripe was not what I wanted to make, so I undid the pitiful 10 rows and began again. With granny squares instead. And I have done well, my son, done very well.

With the inevitable months off for the summer when it is just too hot to sit and crochet a blanket together, I have pressed on. I have done 111 squares so far, an 11 by 11 blanket is planned, and I know that I will finish it later this week. At last.

I'm joining the squares as I go along and a couple of weeks ago I sat through a boring programme stitching in the ends. I need another not too interesting show soon to get the rest done, then a few border rows and I will…


Because a family that laughs together has more fun.  Because sometimes the simplest things give most pleasure.
Because sometimes you find a place that has the same sense of humour as you do
Because waiting for things can be nerve-wracking, and laughter is an inevitable release.

Because Grandparents can be so lovely when they stay on holiday just to share your birthday and then give you a present like this!!! So you, boy!

Because your favourite programmes make you laugh. And sometimes you know you shouldn't.

Because the best laid plans aft go astray, and it can be so funny when they do.

Because sometimes words aren't necessary. Bubblegum ice cream, anyone?