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MIA; I could tell you where I've been....

But then I'd have to tickle you. No, not really.

I feel like I've been away for ever. Absolutely yonks, but it turns out only to be about 6 weeks. I think time is both going the slowest I've ever known and as fast as a bullet at the moment. Which is to say, that time inside school travels at a snail's pace, while any time away from the institution just disappears in an Einsteinium-speed-of-light way.
I am not enjoying work. There, I said it. I enjoy the teaching and the children and a lot of the staff are lovely but not (unfortunately) the one I work with. And that's not getting better. And telling people about it doesn't work and I feel under used and undervalued and sad.

And I got a BAD virus, like a humdinger-block-both-ears-and-make-you-deaf virus that has kept me at home and bed bound with vertigo for the past two weeks. I'm on my second set of antibiotics and finally today feel better. Don't rush me, but I feel not bad. As in not 100% but better t…