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What does one eat when one is ill and on a carb free diet?

A day off. Snuggled on the settee after a long (long long) lie in and the feeling that I would like to have a cup of tea and a buttered toast..... but I have lost nearly 10lb already on the Dukan diet and I don't feel inclined to break it if I can help.
So what do I have as my comfort food?
Don't know, can't begin to think. I might just stick with the cup of tea. And a long (long long) afternoon nap.
Hope you are all feeling well. Have a good weekend.

January brings the blues....

And a buy nothing month. After the excesses of Christmas (my shopping spread so carefully out that I can barely see it) I sat and did my accounts and figured out that the best way to balance my books is to go Cold Turkey.... Nothing for a month. Nada. Rien. As a woman dedicated to spending a little here and a little there this was a massive challenge, but one I had to do. Last term's supply was abysmal and I worry that may be the pattern for the rest of the year. So I set off to think it through...

And here I am, 19 days later still cowardly trying to work out what a buy nothing month should look like. Does food count? Can I get away with a newspaper or a magazine? If I go on a radical diet and slim a dress size does that make new clothes a necessity? (laughter echoes around my house; I don't need to worry about dropping a dress size for a while. With skinny minxes a 1/2 stone would be a big difference, but once you get past size 18 you are talking massive stone weight losses …