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My next big project; ready to hook

Look what my postie brought!!!

He has a cheery knock, he rat a tats with rhythm and smiles when he sees me. He knows it is my Amazon love affair that KEEPS HIM IN A JOB!!!!
And the parcel came from.... I only ordered it off Ebay at the weekend, so I'm happy it came so soon. Do you want to see what's inside?
What you want a better look?

It's an Attic 24 pack of Stylecraft wool. I can't find the exact pack at the moment but there is an alternative colour way here and another pack with brilliant colours here.

I've never used Stylecraft before, but read a lot about it. And I have a big plan for it.
It's packed and ready to start, only a free night lies between me and the first few rows of a lovely granny stripe blanket. Hopefully by the time the bad weather really starts in earnest, it will be big enough to snuggle my feet under while I play hooky. And since crochet becomes a matter of rhythm and repetition I can watch a few favourite things. Strictly returns on th…

A Dark Day in Mid September

Wow! There goes summer and here comes Autumn almost full blast and with a drop in the temperature that has been shivering; partly with the cold but mostly with the worry that, having had the heating STILL on in June (seriously folks, June!) it may not be October before it goes on again but SEPTEMBER!!! (yes, I am shouting a bit. Shock! Horror! OMG! I pay the bill!)
And I was dreaming of a golden Indian summer, sharp dry mornings kicking through leaves leading to warm days kissed by the orange rays of a falling sun and crisp evenings watching as the candle-lighting time creeps earlier every night. Forget the evening. I feel like lighting the candles NOW and it's only just 10 in the morning!
So on a day when I have an office to clear, the washing up to do and detritus of the family life to tidy, what shall I do? (after I finish my blog entry, of course)

I may read this book, Homemade Winter by Yvette Van Boven.

I bought this as my holiday present this year and it is a lovely collect…

As the children return to school...

I breathe a sigh of relief.
This is the first time in three years that I haven't started with a full time cover position and, although I know I will miss the money, especially since day to day supply is as rare as rocking horse droppings in September, this year I feel the need for the break, the time at home to set up a workable system and to get my life in order.

You see, Mr Angel Jem has decided to jump off the corporate ladder and go freelance. OMG.
And I get to be his IT lady.
Apparently 6 years blogging gives me experience enough to set him up and deal with his day to day problems. For anything bigger, there's still the Big Guns.
Who knew?

And from October 9th our guaranteed income drops, yes, that's right, em, zero. Don't ask.

So making it work, that's like, really crucial to me, ok? I will work whatever whenever to make sure Mr AJ gets his dream of autonomy. So if you need a good personal injury lawyer in the North West or North Wales, get in touch,…


First tooth First steps First day at playschool A few more years of firsts that you sort of let slide because life goes by so fast First day at senior school.

What did you say?
What? The Princess at senior school?
But she's my baby. You know, my little girl.
Good grief, no. Look at that young lady. When did that happen?
And she had a brilliant time.
Guess I'd better learn the words. It won't be long til I need this one.

114 days to go....

The unofficial (ssh! Don't tell anyone!) countdown begins; 115 days from the 1st September so today is 114. And the last free day of the holiday, so it was just the right time to settle down and watch a Christmas special and, since Princess has decided that we MUST watch all of the previous series before we can watch Downton 4 later this year, we are happily ensconced on the settee watching the 2011 Christmas special (hoping for happiness, rather than 2012, which I understand was rather less joy for the season!) and thinking how lovely the tree looks. And I'm thinking we will have to build up to last year's special slowly.....

Ta Daa!

No sooner finished than in use...

When the bathroom is clean, I take photos...

Is that so strange?

I spent a day this week cleaning bathroom and ensuite from top to bottom. I did everything I could possibly do to make them shine,

washing shower curtains, polishing scales and tiles,

 clearing out toiletries and throwing away the detritus that gathers in bathrooms (well, mine, anyway) and coralling my cleaning equipment in pretty dotty boxes.

And I am proud of my work. I'm not a natural housekeeper. Life is too short to have a clean bathroom everyday and as long as the toilet is clean the rest can go hang, but I like having a clean room now and again.

And perhaps I will try Flylady again. Not to see dirt ever would be fun, for a while at least.