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10 years and counting....

10 years ago on the 9th of February I became a Mummy. And I have loved every moment since.

Except the time when he was 3 months old when he puked on my bedsheets and pooed so badly that he leaked out all over his car seat on the same day.

Oh, and the day when he went to school and I knew we were going to be parted forever.

And last week when he was not very nice about my cooking.

Apart from that it's been lovely.

And yes, we had a lovely birthday. We went to the cinema to see National Treasure; the Book of Secretsand had tea at Ma's house. The cake (home made chocolate) was decorated as an Omnitrix (don't ask) and the presents were Lego and Gormiti (if you know Omnitrix you will either know or be about to know these.) And we all sang happy birthday. Cool!

You really want to know?

I should have known that you were as nosey as I was and would want to know the six Persephone books on their way (slowly) to me. Here they are.
1. The Making of a Marchioness I got this book last Thursday at a time when my nose had entered terminal dripness and I needed something good to read. I loved it, a real big girls fairy story. Cinderella with big feet. I particularly love the way no one would dream of saying they were pregnant out right, but beat about the bush. (No, not a good metaphor, I know. Slide over the issue? Avoid the elephant? use metaphorical language in such a way that you are twisted trying to figure out what they mean when all they mean is she's having a baby!?)
2. The New House The story of one family's move to a new house. It gets described as Brookneresque and since I like most things 'esque' (statuesque and burlesque mostly) it got on my list.
3. The Shuttle by F Hodgeson Burnett. One of my favourite writers if only for the description of the ver…