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You know you like Austen when....

The sight of people wandering around in regency costume doesn't make you laugh, just utter a wistful sigh that you really had the balcony necessary to carry off an empire line.

I don't, really, not without the sort of engineering works that made the Victorians great.

I was in Bath with my DH and we walked miles..... and ate chocolate cake, went to the Jane Austen centre, visited the Roman baths and ambled home via Worcester. A good weekend was had by all.

I love Bath, it has such a wonderful coloured stone. We live in a sandstone area, so all our stone houses are red (which I love, too) and the visual stimulus of a different coloured stone very often makes you appreciate the houses that, at home, you just pass by in silence.
It had a Christmas shop called December 25th.... look, they let me take photos to show you! The website isn't a shop, but it is a showcase and does have contact details so that you can visit.
The little interiors shop called Hansel und Gretel stocks everyt…

All Change!

I'm busy, you can't expect me to blog and change rooms over, can you? The family room will have the toys and the box room will have my craft stuff. we tried it once before, but they kept moving in and it didn't work. Now I have a bureau coming from my parents and lots of shelves I know it will. I need to craft. Photos tomorrow (or the day after. I may never get out alive!)

I am lusting again....

My heart longs for non-stop music, has done a while, but I just can't get organised. My niece has an i-pod nano, but I can't dream of spending that much money on an electrical item. Mr DH doesn't see the point of them, and I can't argue in as much as I think it is a lot to spend on something so small.
Also, there's the colour issue; it has to be red.

I thnk I may have found a workable solution; the sansa fuze 4gb in red, with an extra card or something to double the capacity. And at least half the price. I know what I want for Christmas (101 days to go) and I just have to be sensible in asking for it. Please.

So I found e-music had a 50 free downloads offer on... ok, so nothing really fashionable or pop, not a jot of Oasis or Girls Aloud, but I found Leigh Nash

and Fleet Foxes

so I'm happy. Sixpence none the richer, weird name, weird sound but good. And I have got my listening for December planned already. Tee hee. Now all I need is the said sansa fuze.
101 days to…

Shifting seasons....

Watching the leaves change colour is an annual delight, but am I the only one who thinks it is too soon?