I am lusting again....

My heart longs for non-stop music, has done a while, but I just can't get organised. My niece has an i-pod nano, but I can't dream of spending that much money on an electrical item. Mr DH doesn't see the point of them, and I can't argue in as much as I think it is a lot to spend on something so small.
Also, there's the colour issue; it has to be red.

I thnk I may have found a workable solution; the sansa fuze 4gb in red, with an extra card or something to double the capacity. And at least half the price. I know what I want for Christmas (101 days to go) and I just have to be sensible in asking for it. Please.

So I found e-music had a 50 free downloads offer on... ok, so nothing really fashionable or pop, not a jot of Oasis or Girls Aloud, but I found Leigh Nash

and Fleet Foxes

so I'm happy. Sixpence none the richer, weird name, weird sound but good. And I have got my listening for December planned already. Tee hee. Now all I need is the said sansa fuze.
101 days to go. Did I say that?


  1. funny that. I've been hankering after a nano - they come in red you know, and they have a radio now, which is a big attraction for me. but they are waaay too expensive, so I'll have to stick with my wee shuffle. How long till Christmas?.... xxx

  2. We have to be more practical these days. We can't just spend into stuffs that are not that important and to think that there are more things that should be prioritize than any other things.


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