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Wednesday Wind Up

What am I reading this week?

I finished The Ice Twins  over the weekend. It was a really good book; a sort-of chillingly twisted book, where the Mum coming to terms with the death of one of her twin daughters is suddenly thrown off balance when the surviving daughter suddenly says that she is actually the other daughter. Is she being haunted or possessed by her sister? Did the father do something to them? And why if the family are so screwed would they go to a remote island off the coast of Skye? At a certain point I just had to read on until I fell asleep clutching my Kindle.

Now I'm reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time  and enjoying it. Yes, I am late to this party but it's been picked as the October book club book and the meeting is on Monday. 30% through; will I make it in time?

What have I watched this week?
We broke open a Christmas DVD in desperation last Tuesday and watched

Avengers: Age of Ultron [DVD] . We went to the cinema to watch it last April,…

Taking a breather...

This weekend has been a chance to take a breather out from work and rampaging and doing so much to do a lot of little things that needed doing. A little crafting, a little reading, some planning for Christmas and some housework. Next week will be a week from hell, with parents evenings (both doing and attending) evening events that I need to go to, and a list of things to do ready for half term next Friday. And breathe.......

Ninjabread men cookies. Sarah made them, and they were delicious! Can you tell they're all doing different kung fu moves? Such a simple idea! I bought the kit from Dobbies and brought them home, worrying that they were too childish for my sophisticated teenagers. Not a bit of it; James (15) has claimed the patterns as his own. Apparently I must have bought the kit for him, because he is my Ninjaboy!

The Cherry Heart CAL; this week I have gone slowly. I have until next Tuesday (the 25th?) to complete these parts. I'm hoping to sit and do some during X Fact…

Meal Planning Monday for October 2015

Yes, I know, it's already October, but I didn't grab any time last week for meal planning. So here, without further ado, are my menu plans for the rest of October. I'm awaiting Nigella and Nigel's new books, so no recipe book inspiration this month.

1 Chicken Stir fry 2 SFC and chips/ Peter to decide 3S Fish and chips 4S Char sui Pork and mash 5 Bolognese and pasta 6 Pork and 5 spice stir fry noodles 7 Sausages and potato wedges 8 Macaroni, ham and peas 9 Burgers/ Hung Shao Pork 10S Chilli, rice and wedges 11S Pork with hasselbacks, and brocciflower cheese 12 Pulled pork fajitas with cucumber and hoisin 13 Chicken and red pepper roast 14 meatballs and pasta 15 Toad in the Hole 16 HM pizza/ paella 17S Mince enchilladas 18S Roast, mash, brocciflower cheese 19 Pork belly stir fry with rice 20 Breakfast at night 21 Mince fajitas 22 Lasagne, garlic bread and broccoli 23 Fish and chips 24S Cottage pie 25S Boeuf bourguinonne 26 Bolognese pasta 27 sausage, mash and beans 28 meatballs and mash 29 lasagne a…

Do you remember when Sunday was a day of rest?

No, neither do I.

The last few weeks have been hectic. Good hectic, nice hectic, hectic for good reasons, but I don't do endless movement. I am a child of the current, a duck circling lazily, rather than a swooping eagle always on the go and hunting out the best. Hell, if I could get somebody else to throw my food at me from the edge of my life's lake I would do.

Last week was Yarndale. Yes, I loved it, yes I took some photos but not as much as I thought I would. There was altogether too much to see to take the shots and, besides which, my daughter gets embarrassed at me always having a camera in hand.

And even more importantly, it's harder to stroke the yarn with a camera in hand. Regardless, I had a good time, and a wonderful weekend away with Sarah. We slept over at Keighley Travelodge, and spent Sunday in Leeds. It is good shopping, and a fun place to be on a sunny, mostly warm Sunday afternoon.

And this week I was patiently waiting for Tuesday and part 3 of the CAL. I…