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I love You Tube

I have never made a video, never listened to myself, if I can help it, never felt the urge until I actually started watching Filofax videos. Yes, I know, who knew? People actually make videos where they show you the pages of their Filofaxes, what sections they have, what dividers they use or make or..... well, it's unbelievable, really, until you watch them and suddenly you find yourself thinking, "Oh, I like that divider" or "That pen loop would be good in teal" or "Blue Finchley is such a lovely seaside colour" and the next thing you know you have subscribed to the best (My Purpley Life, Tracy Reinhardt, KatLeNoir and Ju La are among my faves) and you wait for the webs and videos updates on Tuesday and Saturday from Philofaxy to see what good ideas, mad inspiration or bizarre things you can see this week.

And then you have a day when there is not a lot happening (ie a day when you have told yourself that the house needs a little tender care) so you …