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I am a shy girl...

A bit useless in public. I like getting up on stage and talking but I don't radiate confidence and persona that gets me picked for the Big Roles. I think I'm sometimes a real introvert.... and I really enjoyed watching this clip. It made me think; where is the space for the introvert in school? Solitude is necessary for creativity, says this lovely lady. Too true.

Living in chaos.......

Last week I took a whole week off work to get some decorating done. We've been in situ now for 10 years and the living room (ahem) has never been painted since its initial decoration. That's 10 years of life to account for. 10 years of children aged 4 to 0 and upwards touching, wiping, smearing and .... well, you get the picture.
It seemed like time to give the room that we use almost constantly a breath of freshness.... so out with the old....

piles of books

baskets of stuff
and more stuff....

and in with the new....
a change round of furniture to display our wedding china and crystal

a clear fireplace

dvds all organised alphabetically and in boxes. (getting the kids to put them away... that's a different matter!)

no piles of books tottering above the settee

and new cushions.

It's not all perfect House Beautiful stuff, though.
I still have my boxes to go through, empty bin and recycle.

But for now this is good enough.