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How lovely was yesterday?

I know that commentators are always good at enthusing about any little event that passes by, but I think that some of the happiness yesterday wasn't faked or completely ironic. I really do think that the people who celebrated on the streets and gardens of the country had a good time. The shame as always is that it takes something big to remind people that celebrating together is such a bonding activity. The number of people interviewed who said that they had held a street party to build community was quite high. Wouldn't it be lovely if the spirit of yesterday lived on in a commitment by people to get together more, to know our neighbours more and to accept that community can only exist in a spirit of interdependence. Thankfully the Queen should give us another reason to celebrate next year, God willing. I'm planning my street party already, having spent yesterday taking my Dad for radiotherapy.


Is there any better line than Russell Crowe's " My name is Maximus Decimus...."  I'm watching with my 13 year old and he has just cheered Russ on!