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Which part of the party is most fun?

Last night we had our family Christmas party. For quite a few years we held it on New Year's Day in the afternoon because Boxing Day was taken, a New Year's Eve party would be too late for the familial children and meeting together as a family on the first day of the year just seemed like a really good idea. For the last couple of years I've held it on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year and it works well; it is still Christmassy and people aren't dieting so I can still go full steam ahead on the Cholesterol  front.
But what is my favourite part of the party?

I enjoy the preparation a lot; this time we had marmalade pork a la Jamie Oliver. It takes 6 hours but it is really spectacular in flavour and soon disappears. I cooked too much on purpose; we can have pulled pork in tortillas for tea tonight with no extra work. Or I may make some mashed potato just to make potato cakes. I will put the recipe up on Angel Cakes and More this week.

We had pizza, bread and cris…

Monster's University. ..

MU proved a winner for all our family.  Apparently being 15 doesn't stop you from having fun watching furry things learning to be scary!

Santa has been already....

We've eaten ham and cauliflower cheese, put out some of the less secret Santa presents, and are watching Wreck it Ralph. I've already read the story of Holly and Ivy to the Princess and Mr Angel Jem is drowsing peacefully after a hectic day in the home office (we go live next week; I may be advertising on this site. We want the work!)
The stockings are packed, the sugar from sweets won playing Donkey is rushing around our systems. I am beginning to feel like Christmas. A quiet, sensible, loving Christmas. Fun.

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy Christmas

Keep your patience, sense of humour and perspective; enjoy the experience and just be.
If you're a Christian, may the Eve and Day of celebrating the Saviour's birth be a chance to realign your priorities with his.

And if you're a secular celebrator, may this season bring you joy and purpose as we spend time with those we often love, but don't know why!
See you soon x

Just who was present at the birth?

A mariachi band, complete with flamenco dancers and tambourines!

A couple of footballers from Barcelona. Don't know why.

The inevitable gossips, busy talking about the scandal and the stretch marks.

 Two men just passing by after doing their shopping.

The medics. Well, you wouldn't want to give birth without the option of an epidural on hand, would you?

But so far, no shepherds, no wise men, no Joseph, Mary and especially no blooming Jesus! It's all going to happen this week!!!!

The figures were all bought in Barcelona during a cool but not cold late November/early December weekend away at least 5 years ago. I didn't buy the traditional caganer. I rather wish I had, now, but I wouldn't be sure whether to get a modern or a traditional peasant!

A Christmas Prayer....

This is the ecard I have sent to all my friends.  I'm posting it here for all my blog friends whose address I don't have.  Have a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year xx

My House has been Christmassed!!!!

It's taken me a little longer than usual to finish off Christmassing the house.
I had to paint the little houses for my fireplace. They were really good fun! I was going to paint them white but I painted one red one and fell in love. I just adore the icicles on the roof, and the little wreath on the door!

I put them up alternately with little winter glasses that I have had for years. In the evening, it makes a lovely golden glow on my mantle piece.

And if you look closely, you can see me in the mirror!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

And the house is looking full.
Here's my fridge,

the baskets of Christmas goodies

and the extras that fill my kitchen.

The marzipan is for the stollen that family tradition says I have to make on Christmas Eve.
And the rest of the house is filling up nicely, too.

Every year I say I will...

And every year the time flies by and I never post in December.
This year is looking much the same, I'm busy working in the mornings and the afternoon/evenings are filled with events, cleaning, visits, cleaning, carol singing, cleaning....
I don't finish til 2pm so by the time we get home the light is fading and photos are limited to atmospheric candlelit ones. But on Saturday I am planning to get some morning shots of my tree, my cribs and my tidy house. All that cleaning needs to be recorded for posterity; it might be the only time that the house is tidy!