Which part of the party is most fun?

Last night we had our family Christmas party. For quite a few years we held it on New Year's Day in the afternoon because Boxing Day was taken, a New Year's Eve party would be too late for the familial children and meeting together as a family on the first day of the year just seemed like a really good idea. For the last couple of years I've held it on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year and it works well; it is still Christmassy and people aren't dieting so I can still go full steam ahead on the Cholesterol  front.
But what is my favourite part of the party?

I enjoy the preparation a lot; this time we had marmalade pork a la Jamie Oliver. It takes 6 hours but it is really spectacular in flavour and soon disappears. I cooked too much on purpose; we can have pulled pork in tortillas for tea tonight with no extra work. Or I may make some mashed potato just to make potato cakes. I will put the recipe up on Angel Cakes and More this week.

We had pizza, bread and crisps and a large chilli pot that had chorizo and dark chocolate in. No recipe, I made it up as I went along. Again, we have just a little left over for a lunch or a tea this week.

For desserts we made traditional Peanut Buttercups which always go down a storm, and an experiment, Marshmallow Crumbles from the Daily Mail. They made theirs pink and pretty. I made mine green with holly and berry sprinkles or red with a vanilla flavouring. Edible play dough, that's what it tasted like. Edible playdough. My sister in law loved them. Who knew?

But my favourite part of a party is just before the people come, when everything is ready,

 the glasses are shining,

 the drinks lined up and the lights carefully worked out to the best advantage of a woman rapidly reaching wrinkledom.

 The music is soft and gentle in the background, the plates piled high and everything ready to let my family and friends in.

 If I don't make it back before 2014, have a great New Year's Eve. Remember tears and laughter are a beautiful gift that need to be expressed and see you on the other side!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful feast.I love the sound of the marmalade pork, I would never have put those flavours together myself though.Happy 2014

  2. This sounds like such a fun party! Your food all looks and sounds delicious.

  3. Happy new year to you all.
    Lisa x

  4. It all sounds fabulous, especially that marmalade pork. I bought a larger joint of beef and a bigger turkey than we actually needed for dinner on Christmas day just so that we had leftovers, I love the leftovers. Happy New Year.


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