Saturday I had a good time; crochet, cake and Crowfoot CAL

On Saturday I went to Black Sheep Wools for a workshop. It was run by Jane Crowfoot, whose latest CAL started last week. I feel very lucky to live a bare half hour from BSW, and to be able to get up at 9 and still be there by 10 for a workshop.
There were 12 of us, all gathered around the table and keen to start making a bag. The project was called the Lily Pond Bag and Jane designed it to use up all the bits and pieces left over from the Lily Pond blanket CAL last year. It looks divine;

And the workshop was set up to allow for a degree of individuality. I love a degree of individuality. We got to choose colours and order, and everyone who attended got the pattern as devised by Jane. It was only 6 hours but you can get a lot done in 6 hours as well as eating a LOT of sandwiches and cakes.

The furtherest participant had come from Northumberland, but there were mostly local people there. And there wasn't a lot of talking; the patterns are deceptively fiendish and needed constant counting. Still and all, it was enjoyable, and very relaxing to be sat in a room surrounded by hookers.

And Jane is lovely, really good. She took the time to learn our names, and she was very good at deciding who needed help and who (cough) just got on with it and asked for help when necessary. I loved it; I learned (mostly because now I've seen it and tried it I am a convert) how to include the ends of wool in the row you crochet next (less sewing in!!!) and how to bobble in two colours, passing the wool through the stitches.  I was so impressed that I booked onto her next session in June as a birthday present. And, Jo, you will be glad to know that I am now provably a fast crocheter, having managed to get second furthest in terms of rows but having started both sides of my bag. It will be finished sometime, but I am inspired and have Other Plans to complete first!

Jane's new CAL is Frida's Flowers, made in either Stylecraft Classique Cotton (£60 a throw) or Special DK at £30 approx. She had her finished throw there, in cotton, and it is a thing of beauty. Very silky and heavy with a beautiful contrast of bright, bright colours and dark, often black, backgrounds. I fully intend making this, and have bought the wool pack (10% off wool for attending a workshop is a great inducement!) so expect to see my hexagons on my blog and on the Facebook groups for the projects!

I am finding the speed of Instagram irresistable, and so I find I post more regularly there. I'm not chucking my blog at Angel Jem's City Cottage, just conscious that with all the busy-ness I have to do in the next few months, the fast speed of Instagram is a better platform. I'd love it if any of you on Instagram followed me. I'm on as angeljem5.


  1. I've just written a similar blog post about the appeal of Instagram (although my blog is currently private, because I'm writing so infrequently!) - I just wanted to get my thoughts down about where I am with it, even though I'm the only person reading it at the moment. So I know the feeling! I will look for you on IG - I'm always on the look-out for new accounts to follow :-)

    1. When you decide to go public with your blog don't forget to let us know! And who are you on Instagram? I love finding new friends to follow!

  2. Looks like you're off to a great start with that gorgeous bag - and I love your new project! Which yarn pack did you go for?
    I live close to Black Sheep Wools too - will have to check out those classes!

    1. Stylecraft special dk. I would have loved to use the cotton, it feels so beautiful but it was just the price that I couldn't justify!
      We should meet up at Black Sheep Wools sometime. If we can get 3 or more bloggers and book in advance then we can have a 10% discount!

  3. Sounds like a good day I live a little further away from BSW but have dabbled with the idea of attending some workshops there. They seem to have a good selection of courses on offer. Lovely bag- well done xx

  4. I was in no doubt that you're a fast crocheter, I can just about see the steam coming off your hook when you post photos on your blog. The bag's lovely and such a good idea for using up leftovers from a project but I refuse to look at the new CAL, you're so naughty posting pictures of it when I haven't yet finished the last one I started after you led me astray. Hmmm, ok, I might just take a little peek.

  5. Love it!!! That sounds like a brilliant day for an experienced crafter

  6. Oh I love the bag, the combination of patterns is rally eye catching. Those flowers on the blanket are amazing, you'll not be short of things to keep you busy for a while yet!
    Lisa x

  7. The bag looks great Jo, the colours are gorgeous. I have been wondering about Instagram myself but not taken the plunge yet (like I need another diversion). BSW is about 1hr15 from here so count me in for a meet up! xx

  8. lucky you to live near BSW, and a gorgeous bag, I wonder if it is finished now? I'm a big fan of instagram too!
    Caz xx

  9. Your bag is totally gorgeous - I have read a few posts today and am sorry to hear about your little piggy. We don't have pets s we don't have to say goodbye to them. Jo x


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