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I may have found it...

Life of The Perpetual Student was seeking anybody who could say they had One True Filofax.
At the time, I couldn't believe that anyone could have just One filofax that they loved and used almost exclusively.

I can now.

I have tried the pocket Pennybridge as a purse; the A5 fantastic but oh-so-in-your-face- Bette Davis chameleon as my planner; I have a zipped Holborn as my teacher planner which works for me for now, but I keep coming back to my baby. Crimson. Lovely. Large enough but small enough.

 My Malden keeps coming back to hand, finding space in all my bags. I cannot live without my Malden. I need him in my life. This is my OTF. OMG, I need to drop LPS a line and let her know. I have a true love, my handsome hunk of a file.

Some of the photos show my set up a month ago; organised by alphabetical black tabs that came with a filofax, using cotton cream paper and Swedish-Danish diary. Everything was filed behind the appropriate letter; Christmas under C, Holidays under H.

 I hav…

Next year I may get a job BEFORE the end of term.

I will be working again in September for at least a half term, hopefully longer. My nice little agency man fixed me up with an interview. I turned up, liked the school who liked me and....
In September I am the reception teacher at a  school 10 minutes away from the house. So happy.
So my summer holidays will be a delightful mix of spending time with my three best people, washing and packing for hols and getting as ready as I can.
My to do list is three sides of A4 already.....

I will post when I get the chance, but that won't be often.