I may have found it...

Life of The Perpetual Student was seeking anybody who could say they had One True Filofax.
At the time, I couldn't believe that anyone could have just One filofax that they loved and used almost exclusively.

I can now.

I have tried the pocket Pennybridge as a purse; the A5 fantastic but oh-so-in-your-face- Bette Davis chameleon as my planner; I have a zipped Holborn as my teacher planner which works for me for now, but I keep coming back to my baby. Crimson. Lovely. Large enough but small enough.

 My Malden keeps coming back to hand, finding space in all my bags. I cannot live without my Malden. I need him in my life. This is my OTF. OMG, I need to drop LPS a line and let her know. I have a true love, my handsome hunk of a file.

Some of the photos show my set up a month ago; organised by alphabetical black tabs that came with a filofax, using cotton cream paper and Swedish-Danish diary. Everything was filed behind the appropriate letter; Christmas under C, Holidays under H.

 I have slimmed him down for the summer. I am currently divider free, until I sit and make some later today. Probably just Diary, Next Actions, Life and Reference, top tabbed, with red-pink-cream paper. I'm happy with the cream diary week to 2 pages for 2012 and a pull out year planner for 2013.

Credit card holders handle all my cards; the bank cards sit nicely in the 4 front pockets while loyalty and library cards sit further in. Cash and coins are kept in a zipped top pocket next to a budget sheet that is the easiest thing to fill in I have ever tried. Somehow when the filofax is your purse, just keeping it open and filling in the amount after spending serious cash seems a less noticeable action than replacing a purse and getting out a filofax/notebook.

The dashboard hold Cath Kidston post its and Me To You teddy tabs that don't take much writing but do point out pages of note. I have to work hard to keep them away from my daughter....

My pen ( a parker with a good grip) doesn't fit in the loop without effort, so I slide it into a bulldog clip from Staples. I may see about using another one at the other end to hold a pencil or frixion, but at the moment one pen, one life is my philosophy.

 And he carries around information as diverse as my fitness charts, a crochet pattern for hearts and a chord chart for my ukulele that I will learn how to play. This week, in Wales, I will learn to play ukulele.

Yes, I still use my other filofaxes. The Pennybridge will be useful around France where I need to keep euros and sterling apart. Bette is next to my bed and in the process of being kitted out as my Life Journal, post to follow. But for the foreseeable I think Matt Malden is the one for me. Good looking in a rugged sort of way, clever but not conceited, and with a sense of humour. Elysium, in a word.


  1. Hello.
    Congratulations for your OTF. I haven't heard about this before. My OTF is my A5 purple malden. So I wonder what exactly is this malden-Magic that keeps our hearts to them. :)

    I like the crimson Color. And also two Things in your set-up inspired me.
    1. I never thought about A-Z dividers for the whole filofax! A great Idea!
    2. I really smiled about your pen loop Bulldog Clip hack. Haha nice.

    Thank you for Sharing your lovely Matt malden with us. I Hope to finally get my "final" filofax Set up, to do a Post about it.

    Have a nice Day.


    1. The penclip is so useful I have one in every Filofax now. You are so lucky to have an A5 malden. I would love one ...... but only in crimson so I'll have to wait and hope!

  2. Love this post!! Your set up is great and i am bookmarking this for future reference when i take the plunge and buy myself a Malden :)

    I am also learning how to play the ukulele! So fun :)

    1. The Malden is gorgeous. It feels lovely and soft. It holds a load as well..... which is not always a goid idea!
      No success with the ukulele yet but I will be able to play at least one tune by the end of the week!

  3. What a great set up, i'm still working on my OTF, if only I could stop buying more!! :)

    1. Oh I know what you mean..... and yet I keep coming back to Matt! I have a zipped Holborn earmarked for Christmas, so I may be unfaithful after that! Perhaps I should just admit defeat and sell every other one.....
      Except part of the fun of Filofax is thr changing as and when you like.

  4. Great post! Really enjoyed reading it. I've got two questions for you - 1. Where did you get the zip envelope? and 2. It isn't a hassle to get your money in and out of the envelope?

    You pictures are fantastic, BTW.

    1. The zipped envelope came from WHSmith and I find getting money out is as easy as a zipped purse. If I get too much change I use a small clip purse in my bag but really most of my shopping is by card or online so the cash is not a big issue.
      Thank you for the compliment about the pictures.

  5. and...I have a ukulele too xx

  6. I think my post-before-last disappeared :( What I said was...Hello, stranger, how are you? Fancy meeting you here :)

    I covet your Malden. It's beautiful and beautifully set up too. I'm currently trawling websites and ebay looking for a personal size filo to replace my pocket domino. I need it for my (here comes the big news)upcoming PGDE (Primary) at Edinburgh University! Yup, joining the ranks of the teaching profession. Can you believe it, I must be mad doing this at my epic old age. Anyway, it's been lovely to reconnect with your blog again and I only wish I had more time to do the blogging thing again - I made such nice friends...

    I hope you and yours are all well and thriving my lovely, take care xxxxxx

  7. I've never really got the whole Filofax thing. Considering I'm such an organised person who loves a list or two, that's quite weird I guess. Yours look fab, though.

  8. Love your post, your Malden looks brilliant. I may have to steal a few ideas from you. Have a great day. PS My dragon is now called Hoy.

  9. Lovely choice! Certainly lives up to all requirements doesn't it :-)

    ...You'll be lost without one now!


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