Just who was present at the birth?

A mariachi band, complete with flamenco dancers and tambourines!

A couple of footballers from Barcelona. Don't know why.

The inevitable gossips, busy talking about the scandal and the stretch marks.

 Two men just passing by after doing their shopping.

The medics. Well, you wouldn't want to give birth without the option of an epidural on hand, would you?

But so far, no shepherds, no wise men, no Joseph, Mary and especially no blooming Jesus! It's all going to happen this week!!!!

The figures were all bought in Barcelona during a cool but not cold late November/early December weekend away at least 5 years ago. I didn't buy the traditional caganer. I rather wish I had, now, but I wouldn't be sure whether to get a modern or a traditional peasant! 


  1. Very cute, I love the flamenco dancers. I didn't know anything about the caganer so I've learnt something new there, you should have definitely bought one.


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