Every year I say I will...

And every year the time flies by and I never post in December.
This year is looking much the same, I'm busy working in the mornings and the afternoon/evenings are filled with events, cleaning, visits, cleaning, carol singing, cleaning....
I don't finish til 2pm so by the time we get home the light is fading and photos are limited to atmospheric candlelit ones. But on Saturday I am planning to get some morning shots of my tree, my cribs and my tidy house. All that cleaning needs to be recorded for posterity; it might be the only time that the house is tidy!


  1. Looking forward to your pictures and love the thought that cleaning should be recorded for posterity...lol!

  2. Life sounds very hectic, hope you are having fun too as well as all that cleaning!
    Lisa x

  3. It's a rare event; it needs the permanent record!


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