You know you like Austen when....

The sight of people wandering around in regency costume doesn't make you laugh, just utter a wistful sigh that you really had the balcony necessary to carry off an empire line.

I don't, really, not without the sort of engineering works that made the Victorians great.

I was in Bath with my DH and we walked miles..... and ate chocolate cake, went to the Jane Austen centre, visited the Roman baths and ambled home via Worcester. A good weekend was had by all.

I love Bath, it has such a wonderful coloured stone. We live in a sandstone area, so all our stone houses are red (which I love, too) and the visual stimulus of a different coloured stone very often makes you appreciate the houses that, at home, you just pass by in silence.

It had a Christmas shop called December 25th.... look, they let me take photos to show you! The website isn't a shop, but it is a showcase and does have contact details so that you can visit.

The little interiors shop called Hansel und Gretel stocks everything German... as I walked in through the door, the cuckoo clocks went off. Good timing. I gave in to a small hook for my aprons (presently just strewn over a door) and left before I could do any more damage.

Bath Abbey had a wonderful display of caligraphy and embroidery that one lady, Sue Symons, had done; two sets, one to celebrate the life of Jesus and a set about the Creation. With such intricate and decorated letters and the textural delights of mixed collage and embroidery it is worth a visit to see. It's on til the 2nd November.

And I gave in to temptation at Cath's little emporium... a new purse that spoke to me, calling quietly, "You need me... you really do...." So, I gave in. I can resist anything... except temptation.


  1. I love Jane Austen her books are wonderful1xx

  2. I love Bath, we went there 2 years ago this month for our 10th wedding anniversary. I loved the shopping there and the antiques markets.

  3. Oh, this all looks so wonderful!!!


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