10 years and counting....

10 years ago on the 9th of February I became a Mummy. And I have loved every moment since.

Except the time when he was 3 months old when he puked on my bedsheets and pooed so badly that he leaked out all over his car seat on the same day.

Oh, and the day when he went to school and I knew we were going to be parted forever.

And last week when he was not very nice about my cooking.

Apart from that it's been lovely.

And yes, we had a lovely birthday. We went to the cinema to see National Treasure; the Book of Secrets and had tea at Ma's house. The cake (home made chocolate) was decorated as an Omnitrix (don't ask) and the presents were Lego and Gormiti (if you know Omnitrix you will either know or be about to know these.) And we all sang happy birthday. Cool!


  1. Just found your blog, but can't remember how. I just followed a trail! My wee man is 5 on Thursday, the best Valentine's gift ever. He too complained on Sat morning that I had made omelette for him instead of boiled egg (he had asked for either). There was a lengthy explanation about ungratefulness! I have just started blogging, it's good to meet you!

  2. Hi Jo,
    This is to tell you that Mary has the most amazing front garden! I yearn for it in the spring time. It's so pretty with all the lovely spring flowers popping up. Then last Summer I was lucky enough to see it in all the summer glory. She has so much and the colours take your breath away. I hope you get to see it.
    Oh yes, and happy birthday to your son, he looks like a lovable little rogue!

  3. Happy 10th Birthday to your lovely son. My younger brother was born on the 9th of Feb - a very, very hot day according to my mother - and he's a great bloke too! We had a lovely family party at his house on Sat with homemade pizza and a gorgeous chocolate cake. He got a juicer from mum but I reckon he might have really loved what your son got!!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your son. It seems no time since mine was 10 nd he will be 25 in May! Where does the time go? I think he would like a deposit for a house for his birthday No such luck though He will have to sell his lego, childs cookery set and Star wars stuff so lovingly packed up and placed in our loft!!Isn't the weather fab?

  5. Awww, congratulations to both of you!

  6. Happy Birthday too your son ! Ten years of being a Mummy !

    Was the film good, I fancied watching that, but I'm yet to convince the children.

  7. bless him and you!! Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little Angel. Or your Little Gem, whichever you prefer LOL. Isn't motherhood just th e best!

  9. Happy birthday to your little (sorry, BIG) one! My biggest one asked worriedly tonight if I was planning on wearing my current favourite outfit to parent's evening as it was a "bit hippy and young"??!
    Needless to say I wore it, just so the teachers could confuse me with his sister!
    Julia xx
    ps. it's not a CK tablecloth, just 2 metres of Laura Ashley oilcloth, does the job nicely.

  10. Happy birthday to your son!
    Time just flies doesn't it!

  11. Happy Birthday! In Holland they have a tradition where it is the Mother that receives good wishes as well as the person who is celebrating their birthday. My Mum always thought it was a fab plan because after all it was her that did all the hard work!

    So congratulations!

  12. God love im', the little darling.

    Thanks for the poetry advice ;-)

    It doesn't have to rhyme, I know
    The problem is it HAS to flow...


  13. Happy Birthday to your eldest! Time flies, I hear it flies even faster when you have children. I hope you had a wonderful day and that there aren't too many harsh words about your cooking!

  14. Whooo happy birthday to your sun... your memories of when he was young cracked me up!!


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