My next big project; ready to hook

Look what my postie brought!!!

He has a cheery knock, he rat a tats with rhythm and smiles when he sees me. He knows it is my Amazon love affair that KEEPS HIM IN A JOB!!!!

And the parcel came from....
I only ordered it off Ebay at the weekend, so I'm happy it came so soon. Do you want to see what's inside?

What you want a better look?

It's an Attic 24 pack of Stylecraft wool. I can't find the exact pack at the moment but there is an alternative colour way here and another pack with brilliant colours here.

I've never used Stylecraft before, but read a lot about it. And I have a big plan for it.

It's packed and ready to start, only a free night lies between me and the first few rows of a lovely granny stripe blanket. Hopefully by the time the bad weather really starts in earnest, it will be big enough to snuggle my feet under while I play hooky. And since crochet becomes a matter of rhythm and repetition I can watch a few favourite things.
Strictly returns on the 27th. I'm hoping that my daily dose of Strictly gossip, It Takes Two, comes back as well.

Downton is back on Sunday. After a marathon three series catch up in the summer, I am ready for whatever the storyline brings. Except perhaps more Shrimpy.
 And the countdown is on.....


  1. It's always exciting when new yarn arrives. I use Stylecraft regularly, it's a great budget yarn, I only really notice the squeakiness if my hands get really warm, whereas lots of other acrylic is really scratchy, Stylecraft is nice and soft. I'm finishing off a couple of projects and then I'll be embarking on a new one too. I'm giving Strictly a miss this year. I started watching the first show last week and turned it off, I only know a couple of the so called celebrities. I'm looking forward to Downton though, tissues at the ready.

    1. I have no choice. I'd like to say I watch Strictly, but it's more a matter of being dragged onto the dance floor by my daughter and throwing her around to the music!

  2. I love Stylecraft and use it all the time. I think it's terrific yarn. I can't wait for Downton to return but it won't be until January in the US! Boo hoo.

  3. My husband is so excited about Strictly, Rachel, Sophie and Susannah on one show in skimpy outfits!!
    Love the countdown clock for Dr Who.
    Lisa x

  4. Oh lovely new yarn! I love Stylecraft, it's fab.
    M x


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