As the children return to school...

I breathe a sigh of relief.
This is the first time in three years that I haven't started with a full time cover position and, although I know I will miss the money, especially since day to day supply is as rare as rocking horse droppings in September, this year I feel the need for the break, the time at home to set up a workable system and to get my life in order.

You see, Mr Angel Jem has decided to jump off the corporate ladder and go freelance. OMG.
And I get to be his IT lady.
Apparently 6 years blogging gives me experience enough to set him up and deal with his day to day problems. For anything bigger, there's still the Big Guns.
Who knew?

And from October 9th our guaranteed income drops, yes, that's right, em, zero. Don't ask.

So making it work, that's like, really crucial to me, ok? I will work whatever whenever to make sure Mr AJ gets his dream of autonomy. So if you need a good personal injury lawyer in the North West or North Wales, get in touch, OK?

I'll be watching past epidodes of this, just to see what I've agreed to.


  1. Good luck to you both, who knows, you may never have to work again if it all works out. Just caught up on your last post, what a grown up young lady The Princess looks. I bet you had a little tear in your eye as she headed off, yes?

    1. I like work, I just don't like it when it gets in the way of my leisure!!
      And I can't believe how far the Princess has come. I started this blog when she started school, and some of my first posts have such a wee little girl on that I don't recognise anymore! Yet she is still such fun to be with.

  2. Wishing you both lots of luck. Its a very brave decision so I hope it will be a good one for you.

  3. How exciting, what an adventure for you both! I wish you lots of luck and hope it's more liberating and less stressful. x

  4. Wishing you a and Mr AJ all the luck and success in the world.
    Lisa x

  5. Hope everything works out and wishing you lots of luck.
    M x


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