When the bathroom is clean, I take photos...

Is that so strange?

I spent a day this week cleaning bathroom and ensuite from top to bottom. I did everything I could possibly do to make them shine,

washing shower curtains, polishing scales and tiles,

 clearing out toiletries and throwing away the detritus that gathers in bathrooms (well, mine, anyway) and coralling my cleaning equipment in pretty dotty boxes.

And I am proud of my work. I'm not a natural housekeeper. Life is too short to have a clean bathroom everyday and as long as the toilet is clean the rest can go hang, but I like having a clean room now and again.

And perhaps I will try Flylady again. Not to see dirt ever would be fun, for a while at least.


  1. A clean bathroom is a very wonderful thing. :)

  2. Very nice, a job well done.


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