MIA; I could tell you where I've been....

But then I'd have to tickle you. No, not really.

I feel like I've been away for ever. Absolutely yonks, but it turns out only to be about 6 weeks. I think time is both going the slowest I've ever known and as fast as a bullet at the moment. Which is to say, that time inside school travels at a snail's pace, while any time away from the institution just disappears in an Einsteinium-speed-of-light way.
I am not enjoying work. There, I said it. I enjoy the teaching and the children and a lot of the staff are lovely but not (unfortunately) the one I work with. And that's not getting better. And telling people about it doesn't work and I feel under used and undervalued and sad.

And I got a BAD virus, like a humdinger-block-both-ears-and-make-you-deaf virus that has kept me at home and bed bound with vertigo for the past two weeks. I'm on my second set of antibiotics and finally today feel better. Don't rush me, but I feel not bad. As in not 100% but better than the groaning and cold-ridden body I have been. I'm back to school on Tuesday, so I want to be 100% by then.

Fortunately I have bigger things to fill my small brain with. Peter Kneale Solicitors is getting an office. Woo hoo! And I will be working there from July 23rd as receptionist, Office Manager and all round dogs body. It's a big step and another change that I could never have predicted.  Am I anxious? Yes, because it's a big step for me to take. But I recognise that now is the time. Teaching is different now from what it was when I qualified and even from when I did my returning to teach course 10 years ago. It's so much more about paperwork and levels (even though they are supposed to have gone). I don't see it as the enjoyable profession it was. And I know the point about work is not enjoyment, but it doesn't give time out of the classroom for enjoyment either, so I find myself contemplating a future in which I am no longer a teacher, but a quasi-advocate. Bring.It.On.

And I am also on a health kick. I found a site that suits my nerd self. Nerdfitness.com entered my consciousness via a facebook post about a Midori notebook and a walking challenge that a lady was doing. She was recording her mileage on a chart as if it were Frodo walking to Rivendell. I'm a LOTR fan, so I was on for it at once. Off to google, and I found Nerdfitness. Seriously, the mindset of making life a game appealed to me so much that I sat down and worked out a plan of attack. Actually, I'm still working out my plan of attack, with many goals still to be set and decided on. Get fit, walk to Mordor, read more, travel to places and (my perennial favourite) learn Danish are all still there. There's an academy that you can join forever for a one off fee of $99 or three payments of $39 and that lets you set your avatar, write your own back story, choose your fitness path, guide you through workouts and ..... my personal favourite.... lets you set up individual quests and assign life points to them so that you can level up your life. I'm on level 5 already and working hard. I've lost 7lbs and I am feeling (bar the virus) better about myself than I have for ages.
There's a closed Facebook group for the Rebel women who join the site and they are the most diverse, different bunch of gals I have ever met. From 18 year olds with no muscle, to 60 year old druids who lift weights. It's open (really open; one of the posts last week was about sex positions, and another about whether to drink milk in tea) and the ladies are supportive, but not afraid to say what you need when you need to know it. We (you really do get a sense of belonging) are Tricerasisters together, working together, looking after each other, herding around the fragile and celebrating-- oh, yes, above all celebrating -- life and success together. It's like having a group of wonderful blog friends (like you, dear ladies) but knowing that whatever you say is private to the group, confidential and that it will be met non-judgementally. I love it, and I'd recommend it to any nerd (to whit, if you like video games or movies and books and want to be a strong, independent woman) looking to respawn and make life a game.

Good grief, how I wish I was being paid for this endorsement, but these are my own views entirely. I expect I'll talk more about my quests in future blog posts.


  1. Well what a lot you've got going on right now! A big change coming up with the move to proper offices, I have no doubt you'll get it all licked into shape in no time at all.
    Sorry to hear you have been feeling so yucky, that does sound like a particularly nasty virus you have going on.
    Work is such a huge part of life that it's important you enjoy what you do as much as possible as it can impact in other areas so much. I say that as someone who did the same thing for 20 years and is now just about to embark on a third new job in 2 years!
    Good luck with the health quest, it sounds like you've been lucky enough to hit on a winning formula there.
    Happy Easter to you all
    Lisa x

  2. Having something new to focus on will always be a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel of teaching from now on. We often spend more time with work colleagues than we do our own family and we don't often get to choose them either, so having to spend all that time with someone who makes your life miserable is fun. Luckily, these are the terms with all the holidays, so hopefully the time will fly by. Good luck with getting the new office ready! xx

  3. My Mum was a teacher and by the time she took early (ish) retirement she absolutely hated it. Too much paperwork and not enough time to focus on teaching. I think life is too short to keep doing a job you start to hate. Good luck for your new job - a good date to start (it's my Birthday!).

  4. No wonder you haven't been blogging, you haven't had time with everything you've got going on. I'm sorry to hear that you're not enjoying your job, those we work with play a big part in our feelings about work so it's only to be expected if you're not getting on with someone there, especially when you're working with them closely. How exciting though, the new job opportunity with your husband. Your new health kick/fitness regime sounds very interesting, definitely something to spur you on. Keep up the good work. Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter.

  5. sorry you've been so unwell, sounds like you have a fun plan for fitness and exciting times ahead x

  6. The best of luck with your new job & from the sound of it you are really ready to leave teaching. Hope you're feeling much more better soon xx

  7. I'm sorry you're not enjoying teaching at the moment. I can just imagine how draining it can be, all the nonsense about levels and age related expectations (which the government keeps moving). Good luck with the new job and new venture - it will all be good, I am sure. I am loving the sound of your Rebel women fitness group, they sound like a lot of fun! x

  8. It sounds as if you're ready to take the plunge on the job front, best of luck with the office move! Go you on the fitness kick, it's great to find something that motivates you, isn't it. It looks as if you've quite enough on your plate but if you're serious about learning Danish, then check out Duolingo app for iPad. I use it for German and highly recommend it for ease of use. xx

  9. I'm sorry you aren't enjoying teaching at the moment. I honestly don't think I'd have coped if I had not become a primary music teacher. I was so unhappy when I was general class teacher, it was so hard. Good luck with your new job, it will be lovely to have a life outside of teaching. Sorry you haven't been well either- the Jan- March half term is always awful, let alone being ill. We've had OFSTED but it was only 1 day so not so bad, but I am very glad it is out of the way.xx

  10. Jo, I'm sorry to hear you are not enjoying your job and personally I find the biggest step is actually admitting it. But what exciting news ahead with the opening of your solicitors. Hope you soon feel 100% and great to hear that you have found a get-fit site to suit you.
    Best wishes Caz xx


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