Granny Squares nearly done....

About 2 years ago I bought a range of colours to make a granny stripe blanket and figured it would keep me occupied over the winter.
Living Room Throw WIP

Well, it came and went and my stripe blanket got no further than 10 rows at most that year, left in the basket at the side of the room. Desolate and unloved.

I love the red, maroon, blue and green combination.
Last year (Winter) I got them out and looked at them and decided that a stripe was not what I wanted to make, so I undid the pitiful 10 rows and began again. With granny squares instead. And I have done well, my son, done very well.
The wrong side. You can see where I have sewn in the ends and where it still needs to be done.

With the inevitable months off for the summer when it is just too hot to sit and crochet a blanket together, I have pressed on. I have done 111 squares so far, an 11 by 11 blanket is planned, and I know that I will finish it later this week. At last.

The right side. I love the joins.
I'm joining the squares as I go along and a couple of weeks ago I sat through a boring programme stitching in the ends. I need another not too interesting show soon to get the rest done, then a few border rows and I will be free.
The basket of wool, with the green squares all done so I could check I had enough wool.

At the moment it's a WIP, but by October it will be finished. At last.

It sits next to my chair and each square is a quick pick up and do.
What's the longest project you've done?


  1. That is going to be an awesome blanket, I love the colours! I can't think what the longest project I have undertaken is, I tend to do smaller things that get finished quickly. I like to see results or I get bored ;)

    1. Thank you! I started the border tonight... but only after I actually fell asleep under the blanket for an hour or two!

  2. You'll have it finished just in time to use when the cooler weather comes, and then there'll be the inevitable squabbles over who's going to use it. I think my first crochet blanket is the project which took the longest, it was quite a big undertaking as I had only just learnt to crochet and it's a pretty big blanket.

    1. I have plans for another one as well, there is only one chair in the living room without! And it's my blanket, whatever the daughter says!

  3. Lots of warm snuggles are predicted!
    Love the new header photo.
    Lisa x

    1. The Princess' cottage. I love it too, shame we can't just move it to Liverpool. And the blanket will be well snuggled in the next couple of months!

  4. I love the colours, it's going to be awesome! Jxx

    1. Thank you! It's definitely not a pastel blanket; but I don't think I'm a pastel girl, really.


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