New post on Angel cakes...

I put another recipe up on my food blog, Angel Cakes and more.... although, calling Welsh rarebit pizza a recipe is a bit cheeky.....


  1. Do you know, I've never made pizza from scratch, so I would say that it does, in fact, count as a recipe. I've enjoyed catching up with your posts from the time I was away. We rarely have barbecues but we did have one on holiday. We were able to borrow a gas one, so much easier than coals but I suppose it takes the fun out of it a bit. We have a chiminea which is great for toasting marshmallows. I loved your post about the National Coal Mining Museum. I don't live very far from it and often see it signposted but I've never been, shame. I shall now put it on my places to visit list, especially as we live in a mining village, though officially a town. The Gascoigne family of Lotherton Hall, which I regularly blog about, ran several coalmines.


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