Meal Planning Bank Holiday Monday

Another week of meals made by me and the children. My eldest is 15 and 6 feet tall. When do I stop calling him a child? And yet, the Princess at 11 is still very much a child.

Monday; Roast leg of lamb, potatoes, mint sauce and three kinds of vegetables
Tuesday; Curry and rice. I'm showing my YA how to take care of himself.
Wednesday; Chicken with ? I can't decide; it might be chorizo and red pepper, baked, and served with couscous. I think it will be.
Thursday; Sausages with pasta
Friday; Pizza Hut to celebrate a birthday that happened a couple of weeks ago (my middley is 13!)
Saturday; Family Party to celebrate a niece's birthday (16)
Sunday; ??? Can't decide yet.

The meals are palling on me. I need to get the recipe books out and find some alternatives that use our regular basics but just have a twist.


  1. Lamb is officially my favourite. Delicious! X

  2. I know what you mean about falling into habits, I keep falling back on old favourites. It all sounds delicious though.

  3. Love a lamb roast although haven't been brave enough to cook one myself! All sounds lovely. I find it hard to get inspiration for meals too and always seem to spend a fortune each week. Hard trying to get a meal that the little one (9mths) can eat too to save separate cooking.


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