In minimis deus est

Latin, eh? This early in the morning. Must be holidays.

It's one of my favourite sayings, God is in the Details. I don't absolutely live by it, life is too short to stuff a mushroom and all that, but very often when I feel wonder it's the small things that start me off.
 We walked to the woods today, and already you can see things are cooling down for autumn, trees are setting seed,
 Berries remind me that in 4 weeks (4 weeks!) it will be September and time for apple and blackberry everything, even though I'm a Samsung gal,
 I couldn't resist the moonscape texture on this tree. Almost as though I could see the first footprint....
 Thank goodness the rhododendrons have lost their flowers; no more sneezing on a simple walk.
 And the funghi's are fun guys to hang around with! (apologies)
 Light and shade, colour and texture. This dappled sunlight on the wood's leafy carpet caught my eye.
 And I couldn't resist the shape and sway of these seed clusters, already dry and ready to spread their seed.
 Leaves that glisten as if fairies have polished them. Think it was Pledge or the butler's best elbow grease?
 And a bark pattern that I couldn't resist, so simple but effective. A skirt like this for autumn would be tres chic!
 Woods are wonderful to walk through. Everyday there is more to see, every season holds special treasures.
In minimis deus est. Amen.


  1. I'm closing my eyes to signs of autumn, I'm a summer girl and don't want it to end just yet. Just read about Dream in your last post. You mention the glass industry in St Helens, Mick works for one with its head office there so I shall have to show him your post. He often has meetings in St Helens and travels over the Pennines on the M62 so I wonder if he's noticed it.


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