If it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive....

Is it also more fun to plan the packing than to actually do the damned thing?

They filled the bed. OMG.

I collected together the magazines and books that I have earmarked as my entertainment for a week's holiday in late August.

House of Cards just because it is supposed to be UNBELIEVABLY good.... and Lady Jane because we love all things historical. And a young Carey Elwes.
 I'm hoping there is a DVD player there.... I'll take my laptop just in case there isn't.... and hope for free wifi!
Only 2 Country Homes..... but I will add September as well
 Plenty of magazines. House and countryside this year, no seaside cottage so no Coast!
I have two the same; I'm taking both craft kits!
 Something to do; a craft mag with a cover kit can keep me and the Crafty Princess busy for a week! And the town we are in has a knitting shop, so there may be some yarn to play with, too!
I'm not sure about knitted ice cream; I like mine fresh!

And the next edition is out as well; relaxed reading over a glass of something chilled!
 I enjoy the Simple Things, and the magazines are so visual, even if I have no desire to live absolutely the lifestyle they show, I enjoy them. And I like how the magazine goes through the day from dawn to dusk. A reminder that all of life is capable of being enjoyed, of being tweaked to be fulfilling.
I will post about these after I have read and re-read them.
 Often a break away gives me a chance to read for pleasure and to get a head start on life. I like to take cookery books with me and plan a month of meals for September, or I take my recipe box and add new recipes that I want to try. These are my summer treats this year; my early holiday presents.
Homemade by Clodagh McKenna and Homemade Winter by Yvette Van Boven. At first sight they both look interesting; I will post about them later if I like them. And I'm trying to decide whether to take Handmade Glamping bought with my birthday money and never quite read!
My handmade bag goes with me....

As well as my much-loved satchel!
 Planning to go away has to be done properly! I have tried being totally digital, computer files and everything very efficient, but now I find my trusty Filofax is the best place to keep all those lists!
Itinerary for a week in Fordingbridge

To do lists for our time at home

My holiday packlist; this years favourite clothes!

My summer reading list; I have ticked off only three so far!
The biggest change from years ago, it strikes me, is that I no longer need a pile of books to take with me, that my Kindle (for which read upgrade to Samsung Tablet) holds my library and that I consequently have space, if still no time, to include my drawing kit, bought cheap on sale at WH Smiths. I'm hoping to do some sketching and drawing, my favourite pastimes as a teenager, and to recapture the easy creativity of youth. As if.


  1. Is that Fordingbridge in the New Forest?
    How pretty, you'll be down in my neck of the woods.
    You are a very organised person I take my (holiday) hat off to you!
    Lisa x


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