Frugal or thoughtful?

I draw for fun and craft for pleasure and my poor relatives bear the brunt of my creations.  This is the card I have drawn for a 16 year old niece's birthday.  It costs me nothing but time and talent.  Is this just penny pinching or a justified act of creation made with love? And is it my mindset or hers that matters?  Is a handmade gift lovingly given rendered meaningless if the recipient sees it as second best? 

 And as I plan a created Christmas (yes crafters have to start Christmas in August:sorry x) should I proceed secure in the knowledge that the value of my gifts lies in my value of them rather than the value bestowed by the recipient?  Perhaps I should stick up my Mary Engelbreit poster that reads "Say it loud; I'm an artist and I'm proud! "


  1. That's so lovely. I'd be thrilled to receive that card, but as a crafter myself, I'm always mindful that people don't always appreciate home made, and I don't want to waste my effort making something with love if it isn't going to be appreciated. I think other crafters appreciate all the effort and care that's gone in to making something but non crafters often don't see that. That's just my thought on it.

  2. It's perfect and I am sure she will love it. Stay true to yourself and share your gifts and talent x

  3. I think it very much depends on who you are giving the gift too.
    If they would appreciate the time and effort that has gone into it (I would!) then a handmade gift is wonderful.
    I was at a craft fair once with my sister and nephew. This sister (at the time) would only buy things from certain shops and EVERYTHING had to be brand new. Her son said he wouldn't like a gift from the fair as he thought it looked 'secondhand'.
    This sister now regularly shops in charity shops, converted at last!
    Lisa x

  4. Hello, just popped over from Jo's through the keyhole blog. I have to say I would love to receive a home drawn card like the one above,its beautiful. I would have it framed and put in on a wall somewhere.


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