More planning....

This time of nights out at the cinema.

Firstly, today's treat.

I really enjoyed it, but then the whole 'star fallen to Earth, wall betwixt one world and ours' premise has never been far from the surface with me. Just imagine them finding the wall at last? Who'd have thought it? Highlights of the film include when the hero drops Sienna Miller on the floor and tells her to get over herself (Yo! Go boy!), Robert De Niro acting camp... and I mean dressing for the can-can! and the race-to-save-the-girl-that-you-know-will-succeed-but-there's-always-a-chance-that-it-won't-isn't-there? moment. My niece (11 and sooooo cool) was banging her feet on the floor in excitement (Hi Roobs, you were, you know! ;) )

And then there were the previews; A few good nights ahead.

How about;

Even if I haven't particularly flipped for the books yet, this looks sumptuous and the presence of *sigh* Daniel Craig makes it eminently watchable for some of the time even if it turns out to be a dud. (Daniel in tweeds... is there no end to this man's versatility?)

And the Princess and I have a date with;

Just watch the animals cleaning the loo with a toothbrush and the Prince singing as he jumps down from the bridge. Tee hee hee. I am looking forward to seeing how many references to other Disney movies I can pick up.

The princess also really fancies this. Dustin Hoffman as a toy shop owner? That's almost as incredible as Robert De Niro as a cross dressing sky pirate.

I found quite a long list of release dates on the Imdb site which has links to pages and trailer details. A very happy way to waste an hour with a couple of children....


  1. I am so glad you posted about these movies because they are all ones we had wanted to see, but I forget to make a list...and then I don't see them. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I enjoyed reading yours... we have very similiar interests and the post about your husband was so great!!! I hope he did read it! ;) I love your Christmas notebook too...I'm thinking I should do the same! (I'd also rather write and draw on paper anyday!!!)

  2. I'm going to see Stardust at the weekend... haven't been to the cinema to watch a film since um The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came out ... that's far too long a gap so I am sooooo excited especially as it looks like my kinda film!! The Golden Compass looks cool too but I loved the books and I always dread going to watch films where I've enjoyed the books... hopefully it's been a long enough period since I read them to remember exactly what happens so any differences won't stand out too much *crosses fingers*

  3. Sounds like a fun time was had by all.

  4. No no no no - suddenly Daniel Craig looks more like my Dad. That beard has got to go.

  5. Ahhh Daniel Craig how wonderful, and it looks like the summer is going to cost me a fortune at the movies.

  6. I'm planning to go see Stardust on Sunday and can't wait. Some of my colleagues from work went last night but unfortunately I couldn't join them as I was doing something else. They said it was great. As for the Daniel Craig one, definitely worth seeing even if the film is rubbish. He looks very tasty in that picture!


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