Handkerchiefs at Two...

After a Friday morning spent taking the Princess to speech therapy (we now have 'cats' instead of 'tats' and real 'cake', not 'take') we went to Morrisons, where for the princely sum of £2.50 I got one of my favourite films of all time on DVD. I said I never would buy all my best videos on DVD, but the quality of picture and sound is so immeasurably superior that, as long as they fit within my £5.00 treat budget I don't see why a little judicious replacement is bad. So, armed with some chocolate and a drink, I settled down, alone, this afternoon to watch it.

I think, sometimes, that my Ma knew what she was doing giving me 3 first names.... Joanne Elizabeth Mary. No good when you're 5 and some clever dick asks you to write them all, but wonderful when you're 13 and seeking a true identity. In my time I have been Elizabeth, Joanne, JoJo and Jem, but the name I come back to again and again is Jo. It is the name I give people when they ask what I'm called by friends. And I love it. It is (as the film puts it) such a little name for such a woman.

So I bawled my eyes out this afternoon. Oh! The tears when Beth is ill, the tears as I recognise Jo's frustration when everyone else has someone and she has not (Been there, got the boy in the end), the tears when Beth *gulp* 'goes ahead', I cry at the start and by the end I'm a quivering wreck. This is definitely a solitary film. I know my DH would just sniff in disgust and ask why I would want to watch something I know makes me cry. My usual argument is, can he name any films where I don't have a cry? Sometimes the mark of a good film for me is that it touches me, not that it's impressive and spectacular, but that I feel a connection. And there are days when I need to sit and cry at a film, because I can't sit and cry at real life, (rejected for a job again, can you tell?) without feeling guilty. I need to weep at LoveActually, to let tears of joy escape me during Scrooge, to wipe away a quiet tear as I watch Maximus Decimus Quintus float away back to his wife and child. Perhaps I like to cry at situations I hope never to face, perhaps it's a place I've been and never want to go back to again. Either way, the cathartic effect of a good cry cannot be underestimated. I've finished the film now, so I can wipe my eyes dry, drink a pint of water to replace fluids lost and settle down to clean my kitchen and living room. My soundtrack of choice? Well, this;

The sing-along version with words and, I hope, a bouncing ball to keep me in the right place. With my orange scented woodcleaner and a few judicious drops of pot pourri refresher my living room will be clean, neat, tidy and ready for A Quiet Night In. Think of me, and imagine me in a Nun's habit as I dust along to 'Maria'.
Handkerchiefs at two next Friday? What's your favourite cry-along movie? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Film that has made me cry more than any other? Truly, Madly, Deeply. Hands down. I make it about 10 seconds through the titles and then I'm in floods of tears for most of it.

    But then, since having children I cry at the drop of a hat, so I dare not switch that one on anymore - I might drown!

  2. I find crying difficult... I well up but the tears just don't seem to fall easily lol. But I do have some films which have really touched me - A Walk To Remember, Ladies in Lavender and Patch Adams are the three which come to mind but I know there are morewhich I cannot think of right now!

  3. Oh my GOD! I weep beyond weep at that film! I was so worried that it wouldn't live up to my expectations but it was so utterly right. And Chrisitan Bale as Laurie, swoon! Must go and dig it out I know I have it somewhere. I'd have bought it for £2.50 too!

  4. I too cry so much more after children. I remember watching Titanic (a truly awful film) just after having one of my babies and sobbing at the sight of the woman in the water holding the baby.
    These days even Grays Anatomy makes me cry!

  5. I had such a witty reply to this post Jo, but now all I can think of is you in a nun's habit, polishing and dusting in your living room!!

    I love that version of Little Women too (especially that bit at the end) :-)

  6. Oh yes, and I'm an 'advert' crier - sad I know.

  7. I'm so rubbish at remembering films. I also love Truly, Madly,
    Deeply (good taste, Dottycookie!) but the very end of Monsters Inc always gets me - really!!
    Have to find my local Morrisons now for Little Women as I've never (gasp) seen the film but luuuurve the book. xx


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