See, look what you're missing....

See, chocolate cupcakes with mint green icing...

Homemade cookies with chocolate chips and cherries....

Mamma's best meatloaf with baked potatoes, gravy and carrots....

A ripple blanket that's a bare 6 or 10 rows away from completion (and then there's only the ends to fix in and a single border to do....)

My fireplace cleared of the summer stones and shells and surmounted by red candles ready for a chilly evening when I need to pretend my fire really works an dto knit by candlelight....

Casino Royale, my treat for being a good Mummy this week...

No, don't scroll any further, there aren't any photos today because He is still off and I can only get to the 'puter long enough to post (barely) let alone upload photos (and I do want to show you them, I do, I do.....


  1. So many goodies to look forward to ... can't wait :o)

  2. A little bit of Daniel Craig goes a long way! Enjoy.

  3. Come on, tell the truth - you'd eaten them all before you had time to take the pictures ;-)

    Hope the computer gets better soon - and that Jame Bond was everything you wanted. Spooks is back on soon - which means Rupert Penry-Jones ....

  4. lol - wow I love the sound of your house atm I think we should all descend upon you in droves ad have a houseparty hehe!

  5. Shame about the photos, but do enjoy the movie!

    Do visit my blog for a special giveaway.

    Marie x

  6. I kept scrolling up and down wondering why the pictures weren't appearing in the space. Then I saw the rest of the post! Sorry the computer is being a pain but I'm sure an evening of Daniel will help.
    Thanks for your lovely comment today.

  7. What no photos, oh dear, I'll just have to put up with the picture of Daneil Craig I have in my head. Lifes a beech!


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