Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

We have got season tickets to our local Safari Park again! (also here)
We had them up until about 6 months ago, when they ran out & we didn't bother renewing (swimming on Sundays meant we hardly got out this year) Well, swimming is now Saturday morning so we bit the bullet & went for it.
I think a person's favourite animal says such a lot about them. My youngest son loves Rhinos. He is slightly built and shy, doesn't say boo to a goose and has a thing for the biggest of everything, cars, animals, dogs. He has the biggest personality I know, such a happy smiler and I have watched him lean out of the window to stare at the rhinos for quarter of an hour at a time.
DP, he loves the monkeys. He tells stories and one of his favourite characters is a vandalistic monkey called Punkey. He loves to watch and decide which monkey is Punkey and then regale us with long and complicated stories of how Punkey breaks out of the enclosure and causes havoc wherever he goes. So far he has caused mayhem in the hospital, the school and the supermarket. I just know that in December he will join forces with our other long-standing story personality, Norman the Naughty Elf and do something to Santa's workshop. Mmmm
The Princess loves all the animals... of course. But today her attention was captured by the sight of 4 little lion cubs, still small enough to be kept on one side with their mother, and therefore a captive exhibit.
But it was the discovery of this part of the park, new to us today, that caused the most excitement. Two out of my three want to go on it. Me, I would love to have a go......... but I'm scared of heights. Having seen it, I could try the bottom layer ..... and then move up. Does that seem too far out of my comfort zone?


  1. Oh my, you'll be a better woman than me if you go on that! Eeeeek!

  2. Cool! These are really popular in France and Mark had a ball on one when we wenre on holiday. Much more confident than his Daddy (whose knees were shaking!).

    I can laugh - someone had to stay on the ground and look after Johnny!


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