What do you mean you have homework?

Or, how life with Children is all swings and roundabouts.

At four o'clock on the last Sunday of half term, with tea to make (granted, a large pan of scouse and I know the hardest part is the peeling and then it's a matter of a quick stir now and again, but even so!) How am I supposed to help with homework and cook for ravenous hordes?

Well, once I was free to concentrate, I spent 2 hours (count them!) helping my DP write a story of his own. Chapters 1 to 5 (and a prologue) with a cliffhanger and the promise of "Oh yes, I'll sit next to you tomorrow and help with the next mission. Cool story, though. DP is my literate child who even in ordinary speech uses such beautiful narrative language that I just stand amazed. My language has simplified over the years (children do that to you, I understand) and it seems amazing that I can look forward to resuming my degree-level conversations again. My worry is that when I do have Adult children I won't be able to catch back up with them, that my brain will have been permanently mushed from wine and too much Blyton and that I will just have to sit and listen, nodding in pride and pointing out the philosophers as 'my children'.

But before then I have a hospital appointment tomorrow at 9.30 with a gynecologist. My periods have become increasingly heavy (sorry for the details) and it has Got Too Much. I've tried tablets, I don't want to have a coil fitted, I'm not too into hormones, so tomorrow will be my chance to ask someone what the best of a bad bunch is. At the moment three days of my life a month are wiped out by the damned thing, I flood and leak out every where (tres embarrassing) and I am sick of it. I will be going solo, too; DH has a delicate constitution (read;haemaphobic. So haemaphobic I just sent him out of the room when any children were about to be born so that the middies could concentrate on me and not the husband in a dead faint I know I would have had) and my mother (whose advice would be to just rip it out) is on holiday. My greatest fear is that there is something bigger wrong. (Mum and great grandma both had hysterectomies at 30+ because of cervical cancer) So, as you value our friendship, please think of me tomorrow. I will, of course, share any news when I return. Love, XXXX


  1. Thinking of you. Hope the outcome is positive even if getting there might not be pleasant.

    And doing the homework scramble here too. Mind you, I'm as bad. The PE kit is being dried as we speak.

  2. Good luck, I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Good luck tomorrow. I have the Implanon implant in my arm and it is brill. No periods at all and they used to be pretty bad, perhaps worth considering even though it's hormones. x

  4. Good luck Jo, at least you're taking positive steps to deal with the problem. I'll be thinking of you.
    Gill x

  5. Two things.......
    1. 'What do you mean you have homework?' was uttered to my 15 year old today too! AND she is in the middle of GCSE COURSEWORK. I spent an hour this evening helping her to marble some paper for the dratted art project!
    2. I will be thinking of you tommorrow and once again am in the same pickle! I'm on Tranexamic (?) Acid and shuffle off for 2 days every month. I do hope things go well for you.

  6. Thinking of you and sending ummm drying thoughts?

    A friend of mine had the same problem so I know how awful it can be. She ended up with the coil as nothing else seemed to work for her.

    Good luck!

  7. Hope all has gone well and you have some answers by now ...

  8. Ooooh, hope everything has gone well today. I had your same symptoms, although the increasing heaviness was so gradual that I just thought it normal. Severe anemia resulted and I , as you say, had it all ripped out!!! It's the best thing to ever happen! I laughed when you said you might have lost your speaking skills when your kids get older -- sad to tell you, it does seem to be partially the case. At least they seem to think my brain is mush, LOL!!!

  9. Forgive an uneducated Yank, but...what do you put in your "scouse"? I found a recipe online...it sounds delicious! I've got a pot bubbling on the stove right now with 1 lb leg of lamb, cubed; 1 lb potatoes, cubed; half a huge carrot, sliced; 1 large onion, cut in large chunks; half a pan of water; 2 scoops beef base (instead of "oxo cubes").
    Without completely giving away my mental status...what's a "coil"? I've been reading your blog for a few weeks - you inspire me!


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