Wednesday Wind Up

What am I reading this week?
Stuffocation: Living More With Less
I started reading Stuffocation by James Wallman this weekend. It's not a very long read, but it's an interesting one. It argues that although consumerism is bad (for the debt, the environment and our emotional well-being), the opposite is not actually minimalism (which even Thoreau only kept up for two years) but experientialism, which can involve being a consumer, but a thoughtful one. In other words, we should be seeking to build our intrinsic memory and to be creating our life (in a way that suits us) to make ourselves happy, and not in a 'keeping up with the Jones' way, where we compete to be more or do more because we want to seem more. It makes sense to me, although I have already been through the blog envy," why do they have lots of followers, oh no this is useless I'll never be famous" stage and am now at a "this is where I am. Take it or leave it, I like it and I only write to suit me" stage.

What have I watched this week?

Damien Lewis as a younger, fitter Henry VIII than most (although not as young or fit as
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and a lot less sex.)
Wolf Hall. Has to be. We sent the youngest two off to bed and sat with our mature 17 year old hooked to the whole thing. There have been complaints that the lighting (in the name of authenticity) was really dark in the night time scenes because they actually only used candles. We turned off all the lights, and even a smartphone's screen was too intrusive so we really could only watch the screen. It has started well, and promises to keep up the good work. I'm a TomCrom fan-girl, so I'm desperate for Hilary Mantel to finish the last book.

Where have I been this week?
To Rainford. On a Monday night. For a quiz. The WI district quiz actually. 17 venues across old Lancashire all completing the same questions at the same time. Scores across the shire will be compared and the  top team of the district gets to go forward to the National Quiz. My WI, WOW (Women of Woolton) had two teams and one of them won!!! That means there is a slim chance that we could get onto the next stage!! We won a lovely basket of primulas each. (Oh good, some more plants for me to kill)

How has my spending gone this week?
Good. I have really only spent money on school (which I should be able to claim back) and the children's birthday presents. Seriously, there's only just over a week to one and three weeks to the other. The gifts are in and ready to wrap. I almost thought I had to buy a computer, but I googled a few problems and the solution was there, so I have a functioning computer again. It was a sharp reminder that I need to start a rich lady fund and save up for  replacements like that, in case the puter does fail completely!

What are my WIPs this week?
I'm still working on my embroidery. The time wasn't there last week just to sit and sew, so what would be a simple finishing job just hasn't been done. I think I'll have it finished by next Wednesday (I hope)

Until last weekend my hook was still dormant, but I saw the most beautiful snowflake square blanket that has got me fired up on Betsy Makes and I am aching to get a hooky start on one for my bed.... Sunday is 1st February. Does a purchase date from order day or delivery day? Can I order my yarn today and count it against February's spending? No, don't answer. I know the answer is no.
But on Saturday I tidyed the family room. Not a lot, just a little. Enough to sit in and look around me. It was fun, but the place is cold and I decided that really it needed some soft furnishings to warm it up. So I got the remnants of my Attic 24 packs and my trusty hook and set off...

I'm pleased with the colour combinations. Basically as long as it was very loud and bright, it got picked. The sherbet blue and mint green sit unloved in another basket. I will find something to do with them, but this throw wasn't it.

Any Other Business?
The hyacinths are growing well, and one bowl is out but of course it's too dark for a photo tonight. You'll have to wait until I get an afternoon at home to see what they look like. I really want to take the colour shot photo in blue or purple to see what they're like. I'm still enjoying playing with new toy. Here you go, a gratuitous shot of my Nisse. They're still on my mantel!


  1. We're crocheting our granny stripes together, we should have a crochet a long except I'm a slow crocheter and you'll have yours finished way before I do. Well done on winning the quiz, we used to enjoy quiz nights, we were regulars at one time, not that we were any good but we enjoyed it all the same.

    1. I don't know about speed crochet.... it's not the speed but the time available! I had a Saturday evening free and got about 6 rows done, while Monday was... er, em, let's say less successful!

  2. Love these posts of yours. Love the wool photos: so cheery!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm actually enjoying the rhythm and missed it the week I didn't post. It's also a really good diary post for me, so I can look back and see what I was doing.
      And wool is always cheery, but these colours are particularly so, since there isn't a muted or subdued shade amongst them!!

  3. Looking forward to Wolf Hall when it makes its way over here. Love your Nisse and I envy you the WI - I've wanted to be a part since I saw Calendar Girls. Another reason for me to move to England!

    1. Move to Liverpool, friendly people and we can have tea together!
      I love the WI; I'm one of the younger members, but it's really fun watching these ladies grow old disgracefully!

  4. I really like that crochet pattern for the throw, and the colors are so bright and cheery. My daughter crochet's scarfs, I never really got into it, but I always like the finished products. I liked your other post with the color shot effect, how fun to have new camera!!

  5. All sounds great! I hope you get to the next stage of the quiz! xx


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