Wednesday Wind up....

No, not really a wind up as in to make you cross, but a winding up of the bits of my life. I wanted to have a nice alliterative name, and finding things that make sense can be hard. Wednesday wound up? Wednesday with bells on? Midweek mash? Made up midweek mischief? I don't know; all ideas gratefully received!

So,, onto  my wind up; Questions, then answers. Nice easy list entry. I don't do a lot of these. Perhaps I'm getting lazy.

What am I reading this week?
The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah. It's the new Poirot. Mr AJ got it for Christmas, but as it's on Kindle I can read it now and still leave him with his own copy!

After that I have to read The Light Between Oceans by M L Steadman for the WI bookclub a week on Monday. I will post reviews of both books on Jo's Books, I hope!

What have I watched this week?
 Broadchurch series 2; the first episode was Monday. We watched the first series last year and were hooked. I quite like the bearded David Tennant, and Olivia Coleman is so good I could watch her reading the telephone book! This new series is a big weird, it seems to be taking the story from last time, twisting it and adding a whole back story that needs to be uncovered.
We finished (last Friday) the second series of House of Cards. I love this programme like a shark loves blood. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright star as a modern day Macbeth and Mrs Macbeth and they are so.... devious, scheming, twisted.... I love the way Spacey looks at the audience and makes such Shakespearean comments. Very Richard III (I don't think Macbeth is big on 4th wall breaking in the same way!) Series 3 is due to go on Netflicks on Valentine's Day, but we shall save our hard earned pennies and buy the boxset as soon as possible and save for a holiday or a TV taste free zone (like Christmas!)

Where have I been this week?
Chester.... does that count? Or work? Church? This week is a quiet week travel wise. We booked a holiday to London during Easter; can I count that as going somewhere? Hang it all, I'm writing the rules. In my dreams I've been to London and I am so looking forward to going again!

How's my spending this week gone?
It's Wednesday and so far, apart from a business lunch on Monday with Mr AJ I have NOT spent anything. No Amazon, no nothing. Hopefully January can pass in a blur of penny free fun! I have a question, though; if I were (am) going away to Durham for a weekend, can I pause my spending fast to allow for coffee and a magazine as a treat or should I be strong?

What are my WIPs this week? (Wednesday Wip-up?)
I'm working still on my granny square blanket. Yes, I know, it has taken me ages. My spring blanket may well eventually be finished for spring (2016). And I've been organising another crafty interlude; winding embroidery floss around small card holders cut from Christmas cards. Very therapeutic, but safe way to store the floss so that it doesn't get all wound together and untidy. I want to get some embroidery done this week as well. I've been posting on a new Pinterest board (if you want to meet me on Pinterest I'm there as Jo Kneale) and I have a few ideas; I just need the time to settle on my first wip, get a needle threaded and to start the stitching!

Any Other Business
No. I'm back working again, so time flies by. Happily, I enjoy work, so time flies happily.


  1. I was really surprised by Broadchurch. I thought they should have left it where it was as second series are usually rubbish compared to the first, especially when the first was soooo successful, however, I've eaten my words. I love that it's a continuation from series one rather than a whole new story, it's got me guessing already. I think you can definitely pause your spending fast to allow for a coffee, but why not take your Kindle with you rather than buying a magazine? Magazines are so expensive, you can buy a book or three for the same price.

  2. That's true! I think it's the ephemeral nature of a magazine that appeals on a weekend away; generally I buy a magazine I've never tried before in search of that elusive perfect match! But this month I could just read my Kindle and spend the cost of a magazine on a second coffee!

  3. Well done on the no spending! It is hard to do, so just keep going! I didn't see the first Broadchurch, although I did record it, but we are so far behind on tv shows - same problem as I am having with books! - I will be interested to see it though as it sounds intriguing! xx

  4. We didn't watch the first Broadchurch but have started to tape this one, maybe we should try and watch the first series first then?
    I reckon get a coffee on your day out treat and take a book with you, good compromise?
    Lisa x

  5. I never watched the first series so didn't put the start of the second on. All this talk about it is making me look for the first. I made the decision to subscribe to my favourite magazines, you can make a real saving with them.


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