Meal Planning Monday

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Second week of January already! Who knew the time could go so fast?

Monday; Meatballs and Mash. I'm out at the WI nearly every Monday for one reason or another, so it has to be quick and easy. Meatballs and mash with peas and gravy makes me think I've been to Ikea even if I haven't been near!

Tuesday; Chilli Beef Noodles with stir fry cabbage. The mince gets browned off with a teaspoon of chilli powder, the noodles get fried with the beef in the wok and the cabbage gets a flash fry afterwards. Another fast meal tonight; school choir has started and any prep time I had has gone!!

Wednesday; Corned Beef Hash. It's such a basic meal, economical and so easy to make.

Thursday; Chicken Traybake. I used advice from Jamie Oliver and Nigella, but really this is a chuck it in and just let it get on with it meal. Chicken pieces, chorizo, red peppers, cherry tomatoes all baked together for an hour and served with fluffy basmati rice. Yum.

Friday; Fish and Chips.Probably frozen from  Aldi, unless I'm feeling flush in which case the Abbey Fryer around the corner can have my business.

Saturday; A Meal out. Whoo Hoo! A night off; I am so pleased! I don't know where and what I'm having but.... whoo hoo!

Sunday; A Day that is undecided. Don't know yet.


  1. It's an easy tea for us tonight, probably pizza. As I said on last week's post, we usually have a roast on a Monday as we don't on a Sunday but I had my mum and dad round for a roast dinner yesterday so I'm not making two on the trot.

  2. T has corned beef tonight with his mash whilst the other two had pie. Good and easy to start the week.
    Enjoy your meal out at the weekend and I'm liking the idea of the chippy on a Friday!
    Lisa x

  3. It is good to plan your meals and know what is coming up isn't it. I am trying to be better about doing this. I love the sound of the chilli beef and the chicken traybake! Hope you enjoy them all - and the night off too!! xx


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