January Colour...

I think everybody likes a new toy to play with and my (very) late Christmas present came this week; with amazing potential to keep me playing from now until the battery runs down.

I now have a Nikon Coolpix camera; it's got a good zoom but doesn't take up the big footprint of my Finepix camera so it's a good one for taking out. I keep it in my bag, and it will go everywhere with me from now on so that I can capture the sights I see. The Finepix has a much better macro facility, so that will be my home camera for the small and intricate things I take at home.
Playing with a new toy is always fun, and this new camera has a range of inbuilt features that I have really had fun with, most specifically the special effects. Most beloved by me, the colour spotting function. Now I can do a few shots that I have always wanted to and you, my dear readers, will just have to smile and suffer the efforts!

Yellow colour spotted. See the walls?

Yellow colour spotted against a better background.

Light green colour spotted. I like this one better, but it's not that different from a plain colour photo.

Light green again. This works better this time, because the background is now obviously colour free.

Light green again. Wine and flowers... isn't there a song about that?

Red colour spotted. Can you see a touch of the Schindler's Lists coming on?

Light green on the hyacinths. Not green enough.

Mid green. Now that's better. I can see I'm going to enjoy my playtimes for the next few weeks!
I hope those weren't too boring. Just having fun and playing, figuring out what I can do and what I want to do with it later on.....


  1. Yay! Love new toys of the 'camera' variety! Can't believe you have daffodils in flower (they're my favourite flower so your post made my day!)

    1. You're welcome. Glad to make people happy!

  2. I need a new camera, it's taking so long because I want a simple one & other half wants a fancy one. Age old tale! It looks like you've had lots of fun with your new one. x

    1. Complicated as in....? I couldn't handle lenses and things like that! Grief, I can hardly handle the set your own aperture and focus bits. My new one has inbuilt effects that are fun to do, and a MASSIVE 30x zoom, which is what I needed!

  3. How exciting, a new camera to play with. I'm still trying to work mine out and I've had it over a year.

  4. Great photos! It's good fun having a new camera to play with! xx

  5. Lovely photos! I got a new camera for Christmas and been playing with it too! It's a Sony compact camera with automatic settings aswell as settings you can adjust if you know what you're doing (I don't).

  6. Oh what a wonderful new toy. Nothing boring with that. I think the yellow blooms look stunning.
    Enjoy you playtime.
    I have been meaning to ask and keep forgetting, did the sylvanian transfers turn up? I sent them in Dec?
    Lisa x

  7. It is lots of fun playing with your camera isn't it, you have some great effects here! It is so good to experiment see what you get! xx

  8. That's a fun effect. I can do that with my editing program but I don't think any of our cameras can do that.


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