Chester Cathedral

Our last action of 2014 was a day out as a family. We love Chester and often visit it just for fun, but on New Year's Eve daytime we visited it specifically to see the Cathedral. It's a lovely old Sandstone building, full of history. But this year it had two events on that I was keen to go and see; the Christmas Tree festival and a Narnia Experience.

They were both small-scale, a cloister full of 5ft trees and a range of about 7 tableau telling parts from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with appropriate biblical quotations relating it to Christianity. It was beautifully done, and I really appreciated the thought and care that had gone into the displays.

 Trees that were sponsored by businesses and local shops were pretty, sure, but didn't have the impact for me of trees that were designed by local groups and actually meant something. The lovely tree above had poppies and baubles that told the stories of people alive today and their links to the First World War. Very touching.

 And the Narnia exhibition had some beautiful touches as well. Mr Tumnus' house was gorgeously presented with the food on the table, the fire, the book case and his parcels wrapped in plain paper with string; just as the book described it, just as I imagined it, except in a bright chapter house and not a darkly warm cave.

 The Beavers' house had Mrs Beaver busy with her machine; I loved how the food was bubbling away behind her. I could have sat on a comfy chair by her side and whiled away the day over a never ending pot of tea, but there were children present (and they were mine)

 The detail and thought that had gone into the scenes was beautiful. Sadly the exhibition ends on Tuesday, but it was well worth the effort of a Christmas day out to see it.

 Chester is a real time machine; from roman ruins to medieval Cathedral to tudor framed houses and on to more modern additions, the city spans millenium.
 It's one of our favourite places, and one we go to again and again during the year.
Like the Snowman, we'll surely be back next year.


  1. It looks like a lovely day out. I've never been to Chester but it reminds me of York with its Tudor buildings.

    1. It's a lot like York, except York is bigger. And Chester doesn't have a Betty's Teashop, but a Mad Hatter's tearoom which is a little cheaper and doesn't have queues.

  2. One place which features on my to visit one day list. I love the idea of the poppy tree. I think that's why I like going to our local tree festival, you think about the fun and planning which the different groups (hopefully) enjoyed as their tree came together. The sense of working together to give happiness to others as well.
    We do like the Narnia movie, is that costumes from the film?
    Lisa x

    1. I think the costumes were made for the display, rather than borrowed. They were really lovely to see.
      Chester is beautiful. If you ever make your way up here, alone or for a family visit, please let me know. We live about 40 minutes from Chester and it would be lovely to meet up!

  3. It looks like a wonderful visit, and a great thing to do at this time of year! xx

    1. Thank you. The advantage of a place like Chester is there is enough to suit heavy shoppers (the daughter) and light travellers (the sons) with rather lovely tearooms as well!

  4. I loved Chester when we visited last year. We really enjoyed walking along the city walls and seeing the cathedral too. I'm sure we'll be back to visit again soon x


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