Blogmas 7; What are my favourite handmade presents to give or get?

In past years I have painted presents, heat-etched boxes and decorated plates, mugs, glasses. I have sewn bags, knitted toys and crocheted things. I have made biscotti, tried to create truffles and dreamed about making sloe gin. I decorated Christmas paper one year (pre-children) and had my poor child on a conveyor belt of painting (just one more picture of Thomas, please; you have one last Auntie to delight with it...)

What are my favourite presents to give or get? I have to admit to a fondness for my painted boxes. For a few years I gave every pair of adults a painted box; snowmen, angels, nativity, dogs, whatever suited their personality. Some of these predate the blog and I didn't think to take photos, others I KNOW I have a photo of somewhere but just cannot find.

These are just the ones I could find on my computer. I know I have a couple more; I'll find them and put them on. I love making these boxes because they take time. They make me think about the people I'm making them for, and that can't be bad, can it? I love using a skill that I usually don't have chance to use every day and seeing how I have developed in the medium every year. And  I love keeping my eyes open for a new inspiration; it might come from a Christmas card or a picture online but I love creating a finished product from my own ideas.


  1. Every year I dream of making sloe gin and every year I forget! I love home made presents - in the past I've given little hampers of jam and chutney and this year I'm in the middle off hats, gloves and dishcloths! I love your boxes - really thoughtful x Jane

  2. I do like the angel ones. I bet they were very well received, something handmade and with thought behind it.
    Lisa x

  3. I love your boxes, I bet they're treasured by the people you gave them to. The only gifts I make myself are either knitted or crocheted. I'm in the middle of some gifts at the moment and just hoping I get them finished before the big day.

  4. What beautiful presents. Everyone that receives them must surely love and treasure them. It is so lovely that you take the time to make things for people, I imagine they love and enjoy them far more than bought things. xx


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