Blogmas 10; Show me the cookies!!

Oh my! You want to see my cookies?

Is it heresy to say that we very rarely make cookies any more? In fact, I think the last time I went to town and actually made cookies was last Christmas Eve, because Santa insisted on freshly made cookies.
However, I'm sure you DO want to see my cookies, so here is the best I can do;

From 2006 to 2009. The children are not this small and cute now. We used to spend some time on Christmas Eve decorating the cookies with EVERYTHING; icing, sprinkles, silver balls, writing THE WORKS.

Which is lovely and cute and the children loved it. But Poor Santa had to eat those cookies and, like me, Santa prefers his cookies chocolate flavoured and quite plain NOT covered in everything. Whoops.

My favourite cookie recipes are Nigella's Chocolate cookies, her cut out butter cookies and (for the grown ups) the Hairy Bikers Chocolate and Orange Biscotti.
Have fun baking! I'm going to try some other recipes this year; I love ginger biscuits, so I might give that a go.


  1. I'm not really a cookie maker either, it's usually buns and cakes that get whipped up in my kitchen.

  2. Dripping in icing they are just too sweet to eat but fun to make!
    Lisa x


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