Blogmas 5; What is my favourite Christmas food?

I am taking it as read that you realise we eat turkey with all the trimmings here, and that some of the Great Feast is a favourite Christmas food... apart from which, the Great Feast itself gets a post of its own later on in the month, so I won't do a great sell on the recipes and versions of turkey et al here. Instead I'm think of the food that we get in as treats, extras, seasonal specialities.

So, what food summons up Christmas for me? Let me think....

I don't feel Christmas is really here without a big bowl of these in the house. Somehow grabbing a photo of them before this monster eats them is impossible.

 He will eat a netful in a sitting. His record at aged 9 was 15 in a day. And then he was sick. It didn't put him off and now, aged 14 he will still eat 15 in a sitting if nobody puts a stop to it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I usually write on at least half of my bowlful to remind him that I like them as well!

A few good mugs of this don't go amiss. I drink hot chocolate rarely (calories from drinks count as well!!) but if I am going to indulge in liquid manna, I quite like to go the Whole Full Hog and have marshmallow, whipped cream and a dusting of both cocoa and cinnamon. And if the candy canes on the tree look like lasting til February 2nd and the end of Christmastide I like to crunch one up and add it as a treat. Mmmmmm. Also, I keep the resources to enjoy the drink of the Incan Kings during January as well, ready for the heavily-wished for and awaited snow days that may (or may not) affect our land.

There are always chocolates floating around in December. The family favourites are Celebrations and Heroes, but one year I scored a tin of mini toblerone in different flavours which I really enjoyed and I love a Terry's Chocolate orange wrapped and left in my stocking.

Nuts to Christmas is as natural as.... well, I'm short on similes today. You tell me. I am the nuttiest person in my house; Mr AJ hates them and the lads are not fussed. The Princess is almost as nutty as me, but she doesn't demand them, just eats them when they are here. I like salted, roasted or sugar coated, I like them in shells or out, I like macadamia, brazil, cashew or pea. I like nuts. I don't like the stomach ache from eating too many or the unfortunate fall out the day after. Whoops.


  1. Hello Jem - I can't see your photos today - what am I doing wrong? Judy

  2. There's no photos here so I'm going to guess the first thing you're talking about. Talking of bowls and nets, I think they're satsumas. I'm the same as you where nuts are concerned, once I start eating them, I can't stop. Daniel doesn't eat them at all, Eleanor's not very bothered for them, Mick only eats salted, so I get all the rest to myself.

  3. Oops. Sometimes a decent editor is necessary. In my defence, I did the post in advance, meaning to come back and then fell ill. Will rejig and put up th epictures as soon as poss.

  4. Great choices!! They are all just the right sort of eats for Christmas aren't they. I love having peppermint hot chocolate in December, I try and restrict myself to just December and then it seems more special, and as you say, saves the calories a little!! xx

  5. Toberlone, yum. Not arguing with that choice.
    Nuts remind me of Christmas when I was young and my mum sitting with a nutcracker and working her way through the bowl!
    Love the photo of the Princes with her mug of hot choc. In my advent present yesterday I had one of those blocks on a stick you stir into a hoc choc, looking forward to having that, all to myself!!!
    Lisa x


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