Family Parties are the best.... but how come everybody else knew?

I have had a lovely time this afternoon and just wanted to capture it before the time flies by and I don't get a chance;

My lovely niece R had her birthday today; 19? 20? I can't remember! 19, I think and.... she got engaged as well!! So it was a double celebration. Now, obviously I knew it was her birthday, but I didn't realise that she had got engaged as well!!! I must have been out of the room when it was told to my family. Now I have to ring her up and say something to her instead of giving her a hug an da congratulations. My only worry is if she thinks I didn't say anything for a reason (disapproval or something like that)
Regardless, it was a good day and I wanted to put the pictures up here. It sort of fits in with my catching life philosophy this year; I want to save the memories to look at again. Of course I took photos and here are some;


  1. What a lovely time of year for any kind of get together. And one made even more special with such news!
    Lisa x

  2. How lovely. I'm sure your niece will understand when you tell her you didn't hear the news. That would happen to me, I'm always the last to find out anything.

  3. How lovely! I am sure that your niece will understand - and she was probably so busy that she didn't even notice that you didn't mention it. A great celebration! xx


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