What? Another Ta Dah! Already?

Sometimes creativity just flows around a person. I think what happens is the more you do it and actually have a completed object (whatever that is; a mug, a bag or a painted gate) then the  more you crave that good finished feeling. The mental pen-tossing feeling of "Yes!!! Done that and it.is.gooooood!!!!"

And you browse blogs and think I can do that!! Sometimes you don't move fast on a thought, sometimes the thought and the action happen at the same time. And sometimes you get two weeks off work and find that the choice is mossin* or housework. With a sore knee, I chose mossin a lot this holiday.

Morrisons have a lot going for them. We (the Princess and me) went there one morning for some plants and actually pies for lunch and ended enchanted by these little kits. £3 each, only. Bargain!
The paint that came with them was.... OK, but not inspirational. Fortunately I have a large collection of acrylic so it came out and away we went.

I also had a small house that I bought myself for Christmas. Of course, December came and went with no opportunity to paint it, so I am glad that this sunny holiday brought me the chance.

The bird houses have been fun to do. You can see we went for the cute red roof/white wall look. And followed our usual "What do you mean less is more? Less is less!" philosophy.

But I could see a cute birdy family moving in soon.

*mossin is, I think, a St Helens word that sums up that useless but busy state that results in something being better, be it a patch of earth, that kit you kept for a rainy day or just mental wellbeing. I do a lot of mossin but often have nothing to show for it.


  1. They're fabulous, any self respecting bird family would be happy to move in. I love Morrisons plants and gardening bits and bobs. I bought a solitary bee house from there last year and I've just bought a fig tree for the grand sum of £2.

  2. You have done a wonderful job with the decoration on those.
    Lisa x

  3. They are amazing! Great job you have made of them. Good old Morrisons! I get lots of lovely plants from there!

  4. Those are so pretty! I too am often inspired when reading blogs I just needed to find more time to get creative! Thank you for popping by and enjoying the sea. Sarah x

  5. They are absolutely adorable! I love them.


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