Ta Dah! Ripple Blanket finished (at last)

OK, if I'd worked on this none stop and it took me this long I would find a different hobby from crochet. But life, work and Christmas have hampered my progress somewhat so I don't feel too bad about a blanket that has taken me from November until now.

 Simple ripple, the instructions are here, I followed them imprecisely, which is to say I did what I felt like anyway.

The border is dinky, from Attic 24 as well, but my 'puter is saying no to finding the page. I will try and put the link on later. It's pretty but uncomplicated and enjoyable to do. Of course it is typical me to finish the blanket just as Spring and warm summer days make their presence around the corner felt... but I have Plans to use them. You'll see.


  1. Ah, you make me giggle Angel Jem...'I read the instructions and did what I fancied' - girl after my own heart - I came, I saw, I had a better idea and did that instead!

  2. I love it, it looks awesome! The most I ever crochet is little flowers so a full size blanket is way beyond my level ;)

  3. Computer says noooo. :) This is a beautiful blanket, you did a great job with it!

  4. Wow I love it. I'm still working on mine from October start but have yet to work out how to do a ripple, it's my next project. You'll get plenty of use this summer if it's a typical British one ;-) Amanda

  5. Beautiful....what size hook and what type of yarn for the blanket?

  6. I have just caught up with your last few posts and seen all the wonderful things you've made.
    I am in love with your bag, clever you. The buttons are just lush.
    Lisa x

  7. Yep, it is absolutely gorgeous. You've made me want to crochet a ripple blanket even more now. x


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