They should give these out on the NHS

No tutee turning up at 10am.
No child out anywhere until midday at the earliest.
No place I need to be.
I can lie in.

My essential kit; my Kindle app on my tablet, Audible on my phone and a decent magazine.
Not in shot (but even more essential) some lavender handcream, a chai tea and a lock on the bedroom door.


  1. Well, that all sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoyed. :)

    1. The irony was that the Second Son arranged a play date at the last minute, so I had to have him out by 10 in the end! It turned out to be one of my busiest days instead!

  2. A lie in? What's that? Oh yes, I remember them in my distant past, somewhere around 1993.

    1. I hate to be smug, but my three are night owls, so we started getting lie ins again about 7 years ago. And no dog makes a BIG difference!!


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